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Engaging with Policymakers in and out of D.C.
Fri, 22 Apr., 2022, 1–2 p.m. EDT
Speakers will discuss how they apply geoscience in policy, how policy is created at different levels of government, how scientists can effectively engage in policy at every level, and current geoscience related priorities. Learn more and register.

Posted 4/18/2022


FY22: Less than expected increases for science
An omnibus package spending package passed in March 2022 increases funding for all science agencies, but falls short of proposals by the Biden administration and congressional appropriators.

Posted 3/18/2022

Revisiting the 1872 Mining Law
In October 2021 the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee met to examine and consider updates to the General Mining Law of 1872.

Posted 1/6/2022

Letters & Testimony

Testimony Highlights Priorities for NASA
As part of the Coalition for Aerospace and Science, GSA signed a letter "in support of robust and sustained federal investment in the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)."
Posted 5/24/2022

Scientific Community Letter Supports Research Funding
GSA joined more than 100 organizations signing a letter "to robustly fund the basic and applied research and education programs."
Posted 5/20/2022

GSA Submits Testimony Supporting NSF and NASA
The testimony noted, "Investment in NSF and NASA is necessary to secure America’s future economic leadership, both through the discoveries made and the talent developed through their programs."
Posted 5/16/2022

USGS Director Nomination Hearing
The Geological Society of America sent a letter to congressional leaders about the nomination of a Director of the United States Geological Survey.
Posted 4/28/2022

Letter Sent to Congressional Leaders About Competitiveness Legislation
GSA joined more than 80 organizations who signed a letter to congressional leaders opposing the inclusion of Section 2527(b) from the U.S. Innovation and Competition Act (“USICA”) in the final conferenced legislation.
Posted 4/28/2022

Testimony Supports National Science Foundation
The Coalition for National Science Funding (CNSF) wrote to congressional leaders asking for the National Science Foundation (NSF) to receive an appropriation of at least $11 billion in FY23.
Posted 4/12/2022

Energy Sciences Coalition Testimony in Support of DOE Office of Science
The coalition "urges Congress to appropriate $8.8 billion in FY 2023 for DOE Office of Science, an increase of 18 percent above FY 2022 and consistent with the bipartisan House and Senate DOE Science for the Future Act."
Posted 4/12/2022

GSA Submits Testimony Supporting USGS
GSA believes that it is important to grow the USGS budget in order to address past shortfalls in staffing, facilities, and research, given the importance of its many activities that protect lives and property, contribute to national security, and enhance the quality of life.
Posted 3/11/2022

Innovation and Energy Sciences
The Energy Sciences Coalition sent a statement to congressional leaders in support of including DOE provisions in a final innovation package.
Posted 3/9/2022

Final Push for FY2022 Science Funding
GSA joined over 50 scientific societies in a letter urging Congress to finalize FY22 appropriations with "robust support for scientific research and development."
Posted 2/9/2022

ESC Statement Urges Confirmation of DOE Office of Science Nominee
The Energy Science Coalition sent a letter to congressional leaders supporting the confirmation of Dr. Asmeret Berhe as Director of DOE's Office of Science.
Posted 1/24/2022

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