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Congressional Science Fellowship

CSF reports

Mike O'Connor

Reports by Mike O'Connor

Caitlin Keating-Bitonti

Reports by Caitlin Keating-Bitonti

Melanie R. Thornton

Reports by Melanie R. Thornton

Kirstin L. Neff

Reports by Kirstin L. Neff

Karen Paczkowski

Reports by Karen Paczkowski

Susanna Whitman Blair

Reports by Susanna Whitman Blair

Anna K. Mebust

Reports by Anna K. Mebust

Todd A. Bianco

Reports by Todd A. Bianco

Kelly A. Kryc

Reports by Kelly A. Kryc

Larry Meinert

Reports by Larry Meinert

Mark G. Little

Reports by Mark G. Little

David Szymanski

Reports by David Szymanski

Maria Honeycutt

Reports by Maria Honeycutt

Craig Cooper

Reports by Craig Cooper

Nicole Gasparini

Reports by Nicole Gasparini

Sarah Noble

Reports by Sarah Noble

Michèle Koppes

Reports by Michèle Koppes

Rafael Sagarin

Reports by Rafael Sagarin

Chester F. 'Skip' Watts

Reports by Chester F. "Skip" Watts

Rachel Sours-Page

Reports by Rachel Sours-Page

Melody Brown Burkins

Reports by Melody Brown Burkins

Kai Anderson

Reports by Kai Anderson

xxx David J. Verardo
Senator Ron Wyden

Tamara J. Nameroff Tamara J. Nameroff
Senator Joseph P. Lieberman

Peter F. Folger Peter F. Folger
Senator Pete V. Domenici

Jill Schneiderman Jill Schneiderman
Senator Tom Daschle

Murray W. Hitzman Murray W. Hitzman
Senator Joseph P. Lieberman

Margaret Goud Collins Margaret Goud Collins
Senate Committee on Environment and  Public Works

Kenneth B. Taylor Kenneth B. Taylor
Senator Harry Reid

Craig M. Schiffries Craig M. Schiffries
Senate Committeeon the Judiciary / Subcommittee on Technology and Law

Daniel R. Sarewitz Daniel R. Sarewitz
Representative George E. Brown, Jr.

Elizabeth Robinson Elizabeth Robinson
Representative Richard A. Gephardt

James E. Evans James E. Evans
Representative Michael Lowry

Jennifer Hess Jennifer Hess
Senate Committee on the Environment and Public Works / Subcommittee on Toxic Substance, Environmental Oversight, Research and Development