Current Fellow

Mike O'Connor
Mike O'Connor, 34th GSA-USGS Congressional Science Fellow.

GSA and the U.S. Geological Survey are pleased to announce Mike O'Connor will serve as the 2019–2020 GSA-USGS Congressional Science Fellow.

O'Connor is a hydrologist with an extensive background in water resources and cold regions. While at the University of Texas working with Bayani Cardenas, Mike used fieldwork and numerical models to substantially improve our understanding of how fast and how deep climate change-induced permafrost thaw will occur in Alaska. The fieldwork was conducted out of Toolik Field Station on the Alaskan North Slope, and was partially supported by GSA Grant funds.

Much of Mike's Ph.D. was spent outside of his department and discipline, which helped him learn how to communicate complex ideas to people outside his discipline. Mike served as a Graduate Research Fellow within Oak Ridge National Laboratory's Climate Change Science Institute, and worked closely with a team of environmental system modelers. Mike also served as an intern for both the Texas Senate Committee on Agriculture, Water, and Rural Affairs (Spring 2015), as well as in the US House of Representatives Committee on Natural Resources (Summer 2017), where he helped communicate policy-relevant science to lawmakers and their staff. These will hopefully prove useful during his time on the Hill this year.

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The Congressional Science Fellowship is offered by the Geological Society of America and the U.S. Geological Survey as part of the American Association for the Advancement of Science Congressional Science and Engineering Fellows Program.