Open Access

GSA's Policies on Open Access

The Geological Society of America (GSA) has adopted a hybrid approach to open access publication with a combination of Gold (author pays) Open Access, Green (repository) Open Access, and access-controlled articles.

As of January 2018, the journals Geosphere and Lithosphere will be 100% Gold Open Access, with an article publication charge (APC) of US$1,750 per accepted paper. GSA members will receive a US$100 discount on this APC. There will be no other color or page charges, and a waiver system will be in place. No manuscript will be rejected for an inability to pay. Staring January 2018, Geosphere and Lithosphere papers will be published under the terms of the CC-BY-NC license. If an author wants their paper to have a CC-BY license, the APC is increased to US$2,750.

Authors submitting papers to Geology, GSA Bulletin, or to GSA books may choose to pay an APC of US$2,500 for Gold Open Access. Geology authors who pay for Gold Open Access won’t be assessed that journal’s publication fee or any fees for color (more information on fees). Payment is required after acceptance of the article for publication and must be received prior to online publication. In order to make clear the separation between scientific editorial decision-making and economic considerations, the option to publish an article under Gold Open Access is made to corresponding authors after peer-review and acceptance of an article for publication.

Green Open Access: All Geology, GSA Bulletin, and GSA Books manuscripts may be published under the terms of Green Open Access. Authors may post a copy of the accepted (i.e., post-peer review) version of their paper (along with a link to the article online at in a repository of their choice or to their personal website after the relevant embargo period has passed. The embargo period will be 12 months from formal online publication. GSA’s final version (the published PDF) cannot be posted under the terms of Green Open Access.

GSA Today is an open access publication, and there are no required fees to publish in this journal.

Author Responsibilities

GSA cannot assume responsibility for advising authors on compliance with any requirements or obligations placed upon them by their funder or employer regarding open access publication. In all cases, it is the author's responsibility to ensure that their chosen route to publication is compliant.

Since some copyright holders might have policies against commercial reuse, authors wishing to have their article published via the Gold Open Access CC-BY license should check to be sure that any material they use in their article that was not created by them may be published under the CC-BY license. GSA cannot advise on such issues, nor undertake negotiations with rights holders on an author's behalf. Also, authors are still bound by GSA’s Ethical Guidelines for Publication; the Creative Commons licenses are not an endorsement for duplicate publication.

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