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Volume 33, Issue 2
(February 2023)

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Featured Articles


New Insights into Feeder Dike Swarms in Scoria Cones and Their Structural Control: A Case Study in the Michoacán-Guanajuato Volcanic Field

Martha Gabriela Gómez-Vasconcelos et al.


Rock Stars

Robert Dietz: From Ocean Floor Mapping to Chasing Meteorite Impacts

Rasoul Sorkhabi and Steven N. Koppes




Table of Contents

11 – 2024 GSA Calendar Photo Search

12 – J. David Lowell Field Camp Scholarship Awardee Report

13 – J. David Lowell Field Camp Scholarships

14 – Penrose Conference Report: Progressive Failure of Brittle Rocks (PRF2022)

17 – 2022 Outstanding Earth Science Teacher Awards

17 – Mentoring365

20 – Welcome New GSA Members!

25 – GeoCareers Programs at the 2023 Section Meetings

26 – Second Announcement and Call for Papers: GSA North-Central Section Meeting

31 – Mark Your Calendar for Meetings Closer to Home

32 – Second Announcement and Call for Papers: GSA Cordilleran Section

36 – Second Announcement and Call for Papers: GSA Rocky Mountain Section

40 – GSA Foundation Update

42 – Geoscience Jobs & Opportunities


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