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Volume 32, Issue 2
(February 2022)

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Featured Articles


Continental Magmatism and Uplift as the Primary Driver for First-Order Oceanic 87Sr/86Sr Variability with Implications for Global Climate and Atmospheric Oxygenation

Timothy Paulsen et al.


Presidential Address

Minerals Matter: Science, Technology, and Society

Barbara L. Dutrow


Rock Stars

Henry Darcy (1803–1858): Founder of Quantitative Hydrogeology

Patricia Bobeck



Analysis of Skills Sought by Employers of Bachelors-Level Geoscientists

Gregory Shafer et al.


Learning from the COVID-19 Pandemic: How Faculty Experiences Can Prepare Us for Future System-Wide Disruption

Kathryn M. Bateman et al.



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GSA News

17 – 2021 Outstanding Earth Science Teacher Awards

18 – 2021 GSA J. David Lowell Field Camp Scholarship Awardee Report

19 – J. David Lowell Field Camp Scholarships

22 – Welcome New Members

27 – Why Membership Is Important to Me

28 – GeoCareers Programs at the 2022 Section Meetings

28 – Mentoring365

29 – 2022 GSA Section Meetings

30 – GSA Foundation Update

32 – Geoscience Jobs & Opportunities

39 – Give Us Your Best Shots: 2023 GSA Calendar Photo Search


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