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GIS-Based Analysis of Fault Zone Geometry and Hazard in an Urban Environment
GSA News Release 19-44, 10/24/2019

The Giant Geode of Pulpí
GSA News Release 19-43, 10/15/2019

Geological Society of America Announces the J. David Lowell Field Camp Scholarship Program Endowment
GSA News Release 19-42, 10/14/2019

Tale of two climate crises gives clues to the present
GSA News Release 19-41, 9/24/2019

Did Mosasaurs do the Breast Stroke?
GSA News Release 19-39, 9/23/2019

Microplastics in the Great Lakes: Becoming Benthic
GSA News Release 19-40, 9/23/2019

Faults' Hot Streaks and Slumps Could Change Earthquake Hazard Assessments
GSA News Release 19-37, 9/22/2019

Grand Ideas, Global Reverberations: Grand Canyon at its Six Millionth Anniversary
GSA News Release 19-36, 9/22/2019

Promoting Earth’s Legacy Delivers Local Economic Benefits
GSA News Release 19-35, 9/22/2019

Machu Picchu: Ancient Incan Sanctuary Intentionally Built on Faults
GSA News Release 19-38, 9/22/2019

New Evidence of the Sahara's Age
GSA News Release 19-34, 9/22/2019

Wildfires Can Pose Risks to Reservoirs
GSA News Release 19-32, 9/21/2019

Can machine learning reveal geology humans can’t see?
GSA News Release 19-33, 9/21/2019

Change Coming to Lithosphere
GSA News Release 19-31, 9/17/2019

Ages for the Navajo Sandstone
GSA News Release 19-30, 9/9/2019

Early Start of 20th Century Arctic Sea Ice Decline
GSA News Release 19-29, 8/30/2019

Reconstructing the Anak Krakatau flank collapse that caused the December 2018 Indonesian tsunami
GSA News Release 19-28, 8/30/2019

Geological Society of America Announces 2019–2020 Fellows for Science Policy and Communication
GSA News Release 19-27, 8/2/2019

Earth Science on Tap: GSA 2019 Technical Program Is Live
GSA News Release 19-26, 7/30/2019

Geological Society of America Award Winners for 2019
GSA News Release 19-25, 7/2/2019

New Geosphere Study Examines 2017–2018 Thomas Fire Debris Flows
GSA News Release 19-24, 6/28/2019

New GSA Bulletin Study of the 2014 Oso Landslide
GSA News Release 19-23, 6/26/2019

Advancing Understanding of the Geologic Evolution of the Arctic Region
GSA News Release 19-22, 5/28/2019

Oldest Meteorite Collection on Earth Found in One of the Driest Places
GSA News Release 19-21, 5/23/2019

Pre-College Geoscientists Recognized at Intel ISEF 2019
GSA News Release 19-20, 5/20/2019

Arizona Sets a Grand Stage for Geological Society of America’s Annual Meeting and Exposition
GSA News Release 19-19, 5/9/2019

Converging at Cascadia
GSA News Release 19-18, 5/7/2019

Mysterious Large-Magnitude Eruption that Covered the Mediterranean in Ash 29,000 Years Ago is Now Known to Have Occurred at Campi Flegrei Caldera (Naples, Italy)
GSA News Release 19-17, 4/25/2019

Folding Faults and Seismic Risk in the Kunlun Range, Northwest Tibet
GSA News Release 19-16, 4/18/2019

Small Fossils with Big Applications—The BP Gulf of Mexico Time Scale—A Step Change in Time Resolution
GSA News Release 19-15, 4/16/2019

Leveraging scientists’ perceptions for successful interactions with policy makers
GSA News Release 19-14, 4/15/2019

Post-Wildfire Step-Pool Streams
GSA News Release 19-13, 4/4/2019

Permian Volcanism Contributed to Atmospheric Greenhouse Gas Content in Antarctica
GSA News Release 19-12, 4/2/2019

The Solid Earth Breathes
GSA News Release 19-11, 3/26/2019

The largest delta plain in Earth's history
GSA News Release 19-10, 3/25/2019

The struggle for life in the Dead Sea sediments: Necrophagy as a survival mechanism
GSA News Release 19-09, 3/25/2019

Tall ice-cliffs may trigger big calving events—and fast sea-level rise
GSA News Release 19-08, 3/22/2019

Underwater surveys in Emerald Bay reveal the nature and activity of Lake Tahoe faults
GSA News Release 19-07, 3/19/2019

Southeastern Hospitality in the Geosciences: From Ancient Systems to Modern Resiliency
GSA News Release 19-06, 3/18/2019

Source to Sink Across the Midcontinent: Geosciences from the Rockies to the Gulf
GSA News Release 19-05, 3/14/2019

GSA Northeastern Section Meeting: Portland, Maine, USA
GSA News Release 19-04, 3/7/2019

Landslides Triggered by Hurricane Maria
GSA News Release 19-03, 2/6/2019

William R. Dickinson's Enduring Legacy
GSA News Release 19-02, 2/4/2019

Do microbes control the formation of giant copper deposits?
GSA News Release 19-01, 1/25/2019

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