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Dust May Have Controlled Ancient Human Civilization
GSA News Release 20-25, 9/15/2020

Earth Science Online: GSA 2020 Technical Program Is Live
GSA News Release 20-24, 9/15/2020

Geological Society of America Announces 2020–2021 Fellows for Science Policy and Communication
GSA News Release 20-23, 8/5/2020

Evolution after the Chicxulub Asteroid Impact: The Rapid Response of Life to the End-Cretaceous Mass Extinction Event
GSA News Release 20-22, 7/14/2020

Geological Society of America Award Winners for 2020
GSA News Release 20-21, 7/6/2020

Geological Society of America Announces 2020–2021 Officers and Councilors
GSA News Release 20-20, 6/30/2020

Update on The Geological Society of America’s 2020 Annual Meeting
GSA News Release 20-19, 6/4/2020

Discovery of Ancient Super-Eruptions Indicates the Yellowstone Hotspot May Be Waning
GSA News Release 20-18, 6/3/2020

Study Shows Today’s Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Levels Greater than the Past 23 Million-Year Record
GSA News Release 20-17, 6/1/2020

Charred wood reveals maximum age of newly discovered Hiawatha impact crater in Greenland
GSA News Release 20-16, 5/29/2020

International declaration: Geoscience expertise is crucial for meeting global societal challenges
GSA News Release 20-14, 5/4/2020

GSA’s North-Central Section Meeting Goes Virtual
GSA News Release 20-15, 5/4/2020

Catastrophic Outburst Floods Carved Greenland’s “Grand Canyon”
GSA News Release 20-13, 4/30/2020

Glacier Detachments: A New Hazard in a Warming World?
GSA News Release 20-12, 4/28/2020

Sediments May Control Location, Magnitude of Megaquakes
GSA News Release 20-11, 3/31/2020

GSA Foundation Hires New President
GSA News Release 20-10, 3/20/2020

GSA Cancels Regional Spring Section Meetings
GSA News Release 20-08, 3/18/2020

Late Cretaceous Dinosaur-Dominated Ecosystem
GSA News Release 20-09, 3/18/2020

GSA Cancels Joint Section Meeting
GSA News Release 20-07, 3/11/2020

Bees, Chicxulub, and REEs: Geoscientist Present Diverse Science and Keynote Sessions in Reston, Virginia
GSA News Release 20-06, 3/10/2020

Go Texas—Recent Geological Advances of the Gulf and South-Central Region
GSA News Release 20-05, 2/27/2020

Oral Traditions and Volcanic Eruptions in Australia
GSA News Release 20-04, 2/10/2020

Deformation of Zealandia, Earth’s Hidden Continent, Linked to Forging of the Ring of Fire
GSA News Release 20-03, 2/6/2020

How Nodules Stay on Top at the Bottom of the Sea
GSA News Release 20-02, 1/13/2020

REE Mineral-Bearing Rocks Found in Eastern Mojave Desert
GSA News Release 20-01, 1/2/2020

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