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Death Near the Shoreline, Not Life on Land
GSA News Release 18-46, 12/13/2018

Don Swanson and the Importance of Field Volcanology
GSA News Release 18-45, 11/27/2018

Sunset Crater, San Francisco Volcanic Field
GSA News Release 18-44, 11/19/2018

How invasive earthworm feces is altering U.S. soils
GSA News Release 18-42, 11/6/2018

Punctuated earthquakes for the New Madrid area: New research uncovers a cluster of past events
GSA News Release 18-43, 11/6/2018

Villagers Follow the Geology to Safer Water in Bangladesh
GSA News Release 18-40, 11/5/2018

Turning marginal farmlands into a win for farmers and ecosystems
GSA News Release 18-41, 11/5/2018

Saber-toothed cats with oral injuries ate softer foods than their uninjured counterparts, who may have provided injured cats with soft scraps
GSA News Release 18-39, 11/4/2018

Evidence of outburst flooding indicates plentiful water on early Mars
GSA News Release 18-37, 11/3/2018

A carbon neutral solution for desalination? Maybe so by tapping into geothermal
GSA News Release 18-38, 11/3/2018

Ground-penetrating radar reveals potential mass grave sites from the Holocaust in Lithuania
GSA News Release 18-36, 11/2/2018

Paleontological Society Recognizes Outstanding Research and Service with 2018 Awards
GSA News Release 18-35, 10/30/2018

Earth Science Comes to Indianapolis
GSA News Release 18-34, 10/25/2018

Lessons from Dutch Geological History Might Be Useful for Other Present-Day Deltas
GSA News Release 18-33, 10/8/2018

GSA Technical Program Is Live
GSA News Release 18-32, 9/20/2018

Catastrophic construction: Storms can build reef islands in atoll regions
GSA News Release 18-31, 9/17/2018

Geological Society of America Welcomes New Ethics and Compliance Officer
GSA News Release 18-30, 9/7/2018

Geological Society of America Announces 2018 Fellows for Science Policy and Communication
GSA News Release 18-29, 9/6/2018

Geological Society of America Award Winners for 2018
GSA News Release 18-28, 7/5/2018

When Oil and Water Mix
GSA News Release 18-27, 7/3/2018

Geological Society of America Announces 2018–2019 Officers & Councilors
GSA News Release 18-26, 7/2/2018

Rapid 3-D Analysis of Rockfalls in Yosemite
GSA News Release 18-25, 6/28/2018

Learning About the Himalayas Using Mars Technology
GSA News Release 18-24, 6/20/2018

Science Writers: On Your Mark, Get Set, GO to Indianapolis for 500 Stories
GSA News Release 18-22, 6/19/2018

Site of the Next Major Earthquake on the San Andreas Fault?
GSA News Release 18-23, 6/19/2018

Geological Society of America Issues New Position Statement: Removing Barriers to Career Progression for Women in the Geosciences
GSA News Release 18-21, 6/6/2018

Yellowstone Study Explores Park's Geothermal System
GSA News Release 18-20, 6/5/2018

Did extreme fluctuations in oxygen, not a gradual rise, spark the Cambrian explosion?
GSA News Release 18-19, 6/4/2018

Climate Change Impacts Fragile River Ecosystems
GSA News Release 18-18, 5/15/2018

Geoscientists to Meet in Flagstaff
GSA News Release 18-17, 5/8/2018

Volcanic Hazard Scenarios: Mount Taranaki, New Zealand
GSA News Release 18-16, 5/3/2018

Mercury Rising: New evidence that volcanism triggered the late Devonian extinction
GSA News Release 18-15, 5/1/2018

Clear as mud: Desiccation cracks help reveal the shape of water on Mars
GSA News Release 18-14, 4/19/2018

Geoscience Returns to the Heartland
GSA News Release 18-13, 4/5/2018

Geology at Every Scale
GSA News Release 18-12, 4/3/2018

Tectonic Evolution, Collision, and Seismicity of Southwest Asia
GSA News Release 18-11, 3/20/2018

New Understanding of Kenyan Paleoenvironments Opens Window on Human Evolution in the Area
GSA News Release 18-10, 3/15/2018

The Geological Society of America and American Geophysical Union Team up to Exhibit at the USA Science & Engineering Festival
GSA News Release 18-09, 3/12/2018

State Government-University Collaborations Address Environmental Issues
GSA News Release 18-08, 3/8/2018

Geology in the Natural State
GSA News Release 18-07, 3/1/2018

Permian Carbo-Loading: How Starchy Treats Helped Build an Ancient World
GSA News Release 18-06, 3/1/2018

Extinct Lakes of the American Desert West
GSA News Release 18-05, 2/22/2018

Shifting Shorelines At Lake Tahoe Caused By Ancient Lava Dams
GSA News Release 18-04, 2/13/2018

Tiny fossils, huge slides: Are diatoms the key to Earth's biggest slides?
GSA News Release 18-03, 2/12/2018

"Building" a Future in Science with Construction-Based Toys
GSA News Release 18-02, 2/5/2018

Shakedown in Oklahoma: To Cut the Number of Bigger Earthquakes, Inject Less Saltwater
GSA News Release 18-01, 1/4/2018

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