Lifetime Membership

Good for You … and Good for your Society

Lifetime membership with GSA eliminates annual membership renewals and insures against future membership dues increases. Support GSA and receive membership benefits for life!

Benefits of Lifetime Membership:

  • Support GSA.
  • No more annual renewals to remember.
  • Membership never expires — never have a lapse in membership benefits.
  • Pay one-time fee — protection from future membership dues increases and currency inflation.

Dues & Application:

Download the application to determine your one-time lifetime membership dues amount.

Please contact GSA Sales and Service department at +1-800-472-1988 or if you need to verify how long you have been a member, or if you have any questions.

You may purchase divisions, publications, additional sections, and contribute to the GSA Foundation, at any time, by visiting the GSA’s online store or by calling Sales and Service +1-800-472-1988.