What Membership Means to Me
Wendy Bohon

Wendy Bohon
Wendy Bohon, GSA Member since 2002

The thing I value most about my GSA membership is…
… that it has allowed me to grow a network of colleagues, friends, and everything in between.

GSA meetings give me the opportunity to engage with new, exciting science while reconnecting with friends and colleagues, meeting new people, and forming new collaborations. GSA has also allowed me to share my science and science communication work with a broad audience through talks, poster presentations, and informal discussions.

Additionally, GSA has provided me with the opportunity to give back to my GSA community in various ways, including chairing sessions, serving on the ad hoc ethics community, and facilitating social media training for scientists. I especially appreciate that GSA is actively providing science communication skill building for their members! These free workshops give scientists a chance to develop their communication skills, which can empower them to share their science outside of the scientific community, thereby helping to build public trust in science (and scientists) and improving general science literacy.


Wendy Bohon
Senior Science Communication Specialist
Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology (IRIS)