What Membership Means to Me
Sinjini Sinha

Sinjini Sinha
Sinjini Sinha, GSA Member since 2017

1. When did you first become a member? Did anything or anyone influence you to become a member?

I first became a GSA member in 2017 through the On To the Future (OTF) program. In 2017, I wanted to present research results from my master’s thesis at the annual meeting. I was searching for a travel grant and discovered the OTF program, which is a wonderful opportunity for students attending their first GSA annual meeting. Besides the financial assistance, every OTF student is paired with a mentor, who guides their mentee throughout the meeting. I realized that GSA is much more than an academic society; it is a great avenue to share research results, network, and build stronger academic connections.

2. Did you or do you participate in any programs or committees or apply for research grants?

At my first GSA annual meeting, I was thrilled to know about the various student opportunities. I felt extremely welcomed and decided to get more involved with the society. Now as an OTF alumni, I attend OTF workshops and virtual hours. I have served as the student representative of the Geology and Society Division, moderated fireside chats, chaired a technical session, co-convened a Pardee Symposium and a mining session, and volunteered during annual meetings. These positions help me stay connected with the different Divisions and communities within GSA.

3. How has GSA membership been particularly impactful on your career?

GSA membership has a huge contribution toward my overall professional development and in broadening my academic network. In addition, I received a graduate student research grant in 2020, which will allow me to conduct international fieldwork in Morocco.

4. What is the greatest benefit to being a member of GSA?

My professional network has grown immensely over the years by being part of the broader GSA community, participating in year-round events, and through interdisciplinary networking.

5. What would you say to a peer who is considering joining GSA/starting their geoscience journey?

GSA is full of opportunities for everyone; it does not matter if you are a student, early career researcher, academic, or industry professional. Never underestimate the scope of networking, and GSA is a great place for that.


Sinjini Sinha
University of Texas at Austin