What Membership Means to Me
Darryl Reano

Darryl Reano
Darryl Reano, GSA Member since 2006

GSA has afforded me many opportunities including research funding, leadership experience, and the ability to network with outstanding professionals in my research areas.

I became a GSA member when I started graduate school and initially attended the conference to give presentations about my research. Everyone I met was extremely supportive and it was especially exciting for me to meet the geoscience education research community that is thriving within GSA. The ability to meet the faculty doing the type of research I wanted to pursue was very inspiring and motivated me to join the Geoscience Education Division board as a graduate student representative. This experience drew me further into the GSA community and has helped me overcome the incessant feelings of imposter syndrome as I now have faculty members from all over the country within my personal support network!

GSA has also been a place where the many geoscientists I have met from around the world regularly gather to share our science. It’s very exciting to know that we are part of a much larger community, and it is gratifying to find the connections between our different disciplines as well as to see the value in each other’s work.


Darryl Reano
Postdoctoral Associate
STEM Transformation Institute
Florida International University