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Why GSA Membership is Important to Me

Tiffany Rivera

Tiffany Rivera
GSA Member Since 2006

My membership with GSA has offered me numerous “firsts”.

From my first presentation at a conference, my first grant, my first time working on public lands, and first experiences serving on committees. After a summer as a GeoCorps™ America intern, I realized that GSA is more than just a membership. It is a community of learners and scientists. It is a way to be involved with geoscience beyond my institution, and a way to give back to an organization that has given me so many opportunities.

My GSA membership has evolved from a passive one into a way for me to be a leader. My membership has given me a place to advance, and it will be a place for students to flourish for generations to come.

Dr. Tiffany Rivera
Westminster College
Assistant Professor of Geology

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