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Why GSA Membership is Important to Me

Steven Semken

Steven Semken
GSA Member since 1988
GSA Fellow since 2014

GSA membership has been indispensable to my career—

…and now, it is providing the same kinds of benefits to my students. At each year's Annual Meeting, GSA, GED and NAGT together offer the broadest, deepest, and most current program in geoscience education research and practice. I encourage all geoscientists [and students] to sample some of that bounty!

GSA Membership is important to me because of the Society's long-standing support of effective practice and rigorous research in geoscience education. I am truly proud to have witnessed and collaborated in the great expansion of co-sponsored Geo-Ed sessions and short courses at GSA meetings, the genesis and growth of the Geoscience Education Division (GED), and the publication of a number of GSA Special Papers focused on geoscience teaching and learning.

Steven Semken
Arizona State University


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