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Policy Updates

GSA Urges Congress to Increase USGS Funding for FY 2025
GSA recommends $1.85 billion for USGS in FY 2025 to enhance research on natural hazards, climate change, water resources, and mineral and energy resources, while maintaining and upgrading essential facilities and infrastructure.

Posted 5/21/2024

Geothermal Energy Bills Update
Four bills related to geothermal energy regulations seek to streamline the permitting process for geothermal energy production projects on federal lands. Learn more.

Posted 5/14/2024

Bipartisan Legislation for Wildfire Mitigation
The bill would establish regional research centers at institutions of higher education tasked with developing models and technologies to address the specific needs of the region they are situated in. Read more about the bill.

Posted 4/18/2024

March 2024 Geoscience Policy Newsletter
This issue includes critical insights on legislative impacts to the NSF, USGS, and NOAA budgets, updates from the Geology and Public Policy Committee, and information on Congressional Visit Days.

Posted 3/1/2024

January 2024 Geoscience Policy Newsletter
This issue covers budget appropriations, the Geology and Public Policy Committee's October meeting, and legislation on mining reform, international travel, and earthquake hazard reduction.

Posted 1/1/2024

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