A collage of three photos shows a flooded city, tap water running over a hand, and green crops in a field.

Geoscience and Human Health (GeoHealth):

Impacts and Mitigation of Impacts on Human Health Due to a Changing Natural Environment

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Geological Society of America Report

With a grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF), the Geological Society of America (GSA) gathered input from the geoscience community to identify bold and creative ideas for translating scientific research to GeoHealth challenges.

GSA used multiple social media platforms to solicit feedback from its broad membership during the two-week comment period. A web platform was created to submit text and video answers to questions designed to elicit requested information. GSA also conducted targeted outreach to ensure the project received responses from students, early career professionals, groups underrepresented in the geosciences, multiple sub-disciplines and other stakeholders who might not be GSA members. Additionally online brainstorming sessions provided opportunities for in-person interactions and idea development. GSA is grateful to its members and the broader community for their thoughtful input.

The responses received illustrate the fundamental understanding that the health of Earth influences the health of humans. Human health intersects with all of Earth’s spheres: the lithosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere, and biosphere. It is therefore essential that geoscientists, who analyze all of Earth’s spheres, partner with those in the health, epidemiological, and toxicological fields to maximize synergy in identifying, monitoring, communicating, and mitigating impacts on human health that occur through geologic processes.

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