Penrose Conference 2019 Participants

Climatic Controls on Continental Erosion and Sediment Transport (CLAST2019)

4–10 August 2019, Juneau, Alaska, USA

A group of about 50 people smile in a valley with a glacier in the background.
CLAST2019 attendees at the Mendenhall Glacier as part of the mid-week field trip. Back row (left to right): Sergio Andò, Niels Hovius, Karl Lang, Kelly Thomson, Mathieu Cartigny, Justin Lawrence, Daniella Rempe, Ian Delaney, Eva Enkelmann, Jane Willenbring, Ken Ferrier; Middle-back row (left to right): Pedro Val, Alexis Licht, Jan Blöthe, Glenn Sharman, Anna Clinger, Al Neely, Christian France-Lanord, Kristen Cook, Jessica Raff, Mitch D’Arcy, Hon-chim Chiu; Front-back row (left to right): Yani Najman, Xiaoni Hu, Claire Mastellar, Julia Carr, Kathleen Marsaglia, Nick Brilli, Anthony Maue, Eran Hood, Cathy Connor, Marguerite Toscano, Michal Ben-Israel, Duna Roda-Boluda, Steffi Tofelde; Front row (left to right): Tara Jonell, Donovan Dennis, Brian Yanites, Kalli Dubois, Yuting Li, Peter Clift, Adam Forte, Luca Malatesta, Veronica Prush, Sonia Nagorski, Nicole Gasparini, Udita Murkherjee. Photo credit: Tongass National Forest park ranger at Mendenhall Glacier.

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