2019 GSA Annual Meeting

Phoenix, Arizona, USA

22–25 September


Upcoming deadlines:

Event Space & Listing Deadline: 6 May

Abstracts Deadline: 25 June

Plan Your Event

Event Space & Listing Submissions

Deadline: Monday, 6 May

  • Required to reserve meeting room for non-tech events (business meetings, luncheons, receptions, alumni receptions, etc.) held at the Phoenix Convention Center (PCC) or Sheraton Grand Phoenix.
  • Required to have your event listed in the program book, mobile app or scheduler (applies to all events including “off site” events).
  • For events assigned by GSA, you will either be assigned a room at the PCC or Sheraton Grand Phoenix. All other event locations are considered “off site” and you are responsible for making all of those arrangements/reservations.

Critical Dates

6 May: Event space & listing deadline – submit by this date to receive the best meeting room availability and to make sure your event is included in the printed program book

Early June: Room assignment notifications will be sent out via email to the EVENT PLANNER for your event.

17 July: Catering, internet and audiovisual orders should be submitted.

29 August: Last date to submit a request.

  • Key information needed includes the date of your event along with the start/end time, approximate number of people and the room set needed. We will not know if we have space available until we have this key information!
  • Select your EVENT PLANNER (person that will make all the arrangements for your event and receive all communication regarding the event) and your ON-SITE CONTACT (person responsible during the event). Many times the EVENT PLANNER and ON-SITE CONTACT at your organization will be the same person.
  • When submitting, you can select “private event” if you do not want your event listed anywhere – will not be listed in the program book, web site, personal scheduler or mobile app.
  • If you want your event listed but it is “by invitation only” please include that information in your Event Title but do not select private event.
  • Submit your request and pay the space request fee ($85 to $200/room/day depending on profit vs. non-profit organizations). No fee for event listings only/off-site events.

Event Space & Event Listing Information Guide

Includes timeline, fees, alumni reception information and FAQs.

Official GSA Event Locations

Phoenix Convention Center (PCC)
100 N. 3rd Street | Phoenix, AZ 84005
GSA Contact for this location:
Lindsey Henslee, .
PCC Floor Plans

Sheraton Grand Phoenix (HQ Hotel)
340 N. 3rd Street | Phoenix, AZ 85004
GSA Contact for this location:
Becky Sundeen, .
Sheraton Grand Phoenix Floor Plans

Catering & Audiovisual Pricing


Phoenix Convention Center
Sheraton Grand Phoenix

NOTE: For AV pricing do not forget to include service fee, tax and labor set up.


Phoenix Convention Center
Sheraton Grand Phoenix

Please note all catering prices are for 2018 and when budgeting for 2019 please add a 3%-5% increase in the 2018 pricing. Confirmed pricing for 2019 will be available in April.


Questions? Contact Becky Sundeen at +1-303-357-1041 or .


GSA heads to Phoenix in 2019


Meeting Organizers

Local chair:
Steven Semken,

Field Trip Chair:
Phil Pearthree,

Community Education Chair:
Mike Conway,

K–12 Education Co-chair:
Carla McAuliffe,

K–12 Education Co-chair:
Aida Awad,

Technical Program Chair:
Amy Brock-Hon,

Technical Program Vice chair:
Kevin Mickus,

Student/Early Career Professional Co-chair:
Linnea McCann,

Student/Early Career Professional Co-chair:
Greer Dolby,