GSA 2019

2019 GSA Annual Meeting

Phoenix, Arizona, USA

22–25 September

Save the Dates!


Abstracts Deadline: 25 June 2019

Technical session in progress

Exchange the geology by organizing and chairing a technical session.

Technical Session proposal deadline: 1 February 2019
Proposals are being taken for both Pardee Keynote and Topical Sessions.


GSA short course in progress

Share the geology as an instructor through a Short Course.

Short Course proposal deadline: 1 February 2019
Courses run the Friday and Saturday before the Annual Meeting and are typically a half day to two full days.



GSA heads to Phoenix in 2019


Meeting Organizers

Local chair:
Steven Semken,

Field Trip Chair:
Phil Pearthree,

K–12 Education Co-chair:
Carla McAuliffe,

K–12 Education Co-chair:
Aida Awad,

Technical Program Chair:
Amy Brock-Hon,

Technical Program Vice chair:
Kevin Mickus,

Community Education Chair:
Mike Conway,

Student/Postdoc Activities Co-chair:
Linnea McCann,

Student/Postdoc Activities Co-chair:
Greer Dolby,