Grants & Scholarships

Research Grants

This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. 1712071.

Graduate Student Research Grants

Results of the 2018 Research Grant Program:

$778,594 was awarded to 381 graduate students (52% of the 730 who applied for 2018), with an average grant of $2,044.

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Other Research Grants & Awards

Travel Grants

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Geological Society of America
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Financial Aid

We generally do not offer scholarships to be used for tuition, housing, etc., nor do we assist students in seeking acceptance into graduate school. Please contact individual universities for information on their financial aid programs.

Pound for pound, I doubt any group has a greater impact on the course of geological research than GSA’s Committee on Research Grants.” Bruce Simonson, Past Chair, Committee on Research Grants [ more ]

David Weinstein received a GSA Research Grant for his proposal: “Rates of coral substrate bioerosion across the shallowest depth range of modern Caribbean reefs: Implications on past and future reef structures.”


UC geology student Scott Reynhout talks about his research funded by a GSA grant.