Iceland Field Trip

The formation and evolution of a young, dynamic, volcanic island

July 3-14, 2019

In conjunction and sponsored by the 2019 NE Section meeting.

The Iceland Field Trip is Full. If you are interested in being placed on the wait list, please contact the trip leader, Brennan Jordan.

Principal organizer: Brennan Jordan, University of South Dakota,

Co-organizers: Tenley Banik, Illinois State University, ; Tamara Carley, Lafayette College,

A 10-day circuit of Iceland visiting geologic sites along the Ring Road with excursions off of this route to experience the geologic and scenic diversity of the island.  Emphasis on magmatic and tectonic processes, but also including sites of geomorphological interest.

Field Trip Leaders

Brennan Jordan

Brennan Jordan
University of South Dakota

Brennan Jordan (University of South Dakota) is a petrologist and volcanologist who has conducted research in Iceland, the Pacific Northwest, and Mongolia. He is the founder and director of the Iceland Volcanology Field Camp offered annually by the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology since 2012. Between 2003 and 2011 Brennan directed four Keck Geology Consortium undergraduate research expeditions to study central volcanoes in the Neogoene stratigraphy of northwest Iceland.

Tamara Carley

Tamara Carley
Lafayette College

Tamara Carley (Lafayette College) is an igneous petrologist who has worked extensively in Iceland since 2009. She investigates the origin and evolution of Icelandic rhyolite using geochronology, trace element geochemistry, and radiogenic and stable isotopes. She has co-led two interdisciplinary, cross-country, field courses in Iceland for undergraduate geology students.

Tenley Banik

Tenley Banik
Illinois State University

Tenley Banik (Illinois State University) is an igneous petrologist and volcanologist who currently conducts research in Iceland and Nevada. Tenley was introduced to Icelandic geology in 2007 via investigations of subglacial volcanism and her current research—initiated during a Fulbright Fellowship to Iceland—focuses on magmatic-tectonic interaction and the evolution of silicic magmas. Tenley has been a co-instructor of the SDSMT Iceland Volcanology Field Camp since 2016.