Honors & Awards

How to Nominate

GSA Awards

Nominations due 3 February


Nominations due 3 February


Nominations due 15 June


GSA Awards Nominations

Send appropriate supporting documents to or mail to:

Geological Society of America
Attn: Grants, Awards & Recognition
PO Box 9140
Boulder, CO 80301-9140


Contact GSA

Call: +1-303-357-1060
Fax: 303-357-1070

Required Information for GSA Awards

1. Online Nomination Form

All nominations due 1 February each year.

Exception: GSA International Distinguished Career Award nominations due 1 March.

2. Curriculum Vitae

Required for all medals and awards.

Award nominations require a bibliography in addition to the CV. If a bibliography is included as part of the CV, please supply only the number of selected titles required for the nomination.

3. Nomination Letter

Summary of scientific contributions to geology and to the Society. 300 words or less. (Required for all awards except for Doris M. Curtis Outstanding Woman in Science Award.)

Doris M. Curtis Outstanding Woman in Science Award only:

  1. Full letter of nomination clearly stating the impact of the dissertation research; plus dissertation title and abstract.
  2. DEI promotion activities are to be included in the submitted Letter of Nomination and submitted letters of support.
  3. Additionally, Nominators and Support Letter Writers are requested to address the continued impact of the nominee and their Ph.D. research to the scientific community by including the following:
    1. Relevance of the work to the specialty field and more broadly to the geosciences and society.
    2. Discussion of the impact of the Ph.D. work via altered ways of thinking, new techniques, new citation data of resulting publications, etc.
    3. Efforts by nominee to impact the geosciences through activities such as mentoring, teaching, and initiatives promoting diversity in the field.

4. Rubric

Day Medal: Nominations for the Day Medal will be reviewed using the Day Medal Rubric.

Donath Medal: Nominations for the Donath Medal will be reviewed using the Donath Medal Rubric.

Please note that nominators are encouraged to ask nominees to provide information for the DEI-specific rubric.

5. Selected Bibliography

  • 20 titles or less (Penrose, Day, Honorary Fellow, GSA International Distinguished Career, Geologic Mapping)
  • 10 titles or less (Young Scientist, Public Service, Doris Curtis Outstanding Woman in Science)
  • Optional (Distinguished Service, Bromery Award)

6. Selected Bibliography of Geologic Maps

20 titles or less including PDFs or website links to several key maps authored by nominee (Geologic Mapping only).

7. Letters of Support

Nominations require supporting letters in addition to the nomination letter. Supporting letters must discuss candidates qualifications with regard to the specific criteria listed for the medal or award. These letters of support may be emailed or mailed to GSA. Please supply only the number of supporting letters required.

Award Name # supporting letters needed Total # letters
including nomination letters
Penrose Medal 5 GSA Fellows or members 6 total
Arthur L. Day Medal 3 GSA Fellows + 2 scientists 6 total
Young Scientist Award (Donath Medal) 5 scientists 6 total
Honorary Fellow
*Nominator must be a GSA Fellow
2 GSA Fellows
+ 1 GSA Fellow or a person of equivalent international stature
4 total
Florence Bascom Geologic Mapping Award 3 GSA Fellows or members 4 total
Randolph W. “Bill” and Cecile T. Bromery Award, Doris M. Curtis Outstanding Woman in Science Award 2 GSA members + 1 scientist 4 total
GSA International Distinguished Career 1 scientist 2 total
GSA Distinguished Service, Public Service Letters are optional 1 total

GSA requires that no award funds be used for institutional overhead or other 'indirect' costs.