2023 Doris M. Curtis Outstanding Woman in Science Award

Presented to Kelsey R. Moore

Kelsey R. Moore

Kelsey R. Moore
Johns Hopkins University


Citation by Tanja Bosak

I am delighted to honor Dr. Kelsey Moore with the Doris Curtis Outstanding Woman in Science Award. Kelsey is an exceptionally talented, creative and focused geobiologist whose research explores connections among biology, geochemistry and Earth history. Her Ph.D. thesis, titled “Cyanobacterial evolution and interactions with the Proterozoic world,” asked how the early fossil record was shaped by the organisms and environmental conditions. Her work usedexperiments, molecular clock models and an extensive knowledge of the fossil record to propose a new model for cyanobacterial silicification in Proterozoic peritidal environments. She continues to explore the connections among the fossil record, microbial physiology, stress responses and environmental conditions during critical times in Earth history. While her numerous contributions highlight her research excellence, she also shows a deep and awarded dedication to teaching and mentoring and the well-being of junior scientists. On behalf of all of her previous mentors, many congratulations Kelsey!


Response by Kelsey R. Moore

I am very honored to receive this award and to be listed among the outstanding women who have received it in past years. These women are truly exceptional scientists and have been an inspiration to me and many others in the field. I thank GSA for this recognition.

I want to thank the many people who have taught me and helped me grow over the years. I feel so lucky to have been surrounded by mentors and peers throughout my career who helped to shape me into the scientist I am today. In particular, I want to thank my thesis advisor, Tanja Bosak, for fostering my curiosity, teaching me, and always encouraging me. I also want to thank my undergraduate advisor, Sara Pruss, for believing in me from the very beginning of my career, for her unwavering support, and for inspiring me to follow my passion. I also thank my postdoc advisors, John Grotzinger, Emmy Smith, and Maya Gomes, for diving headfirst into wide ranging projects with me and for expanding the way that I think about life and earth history. All of these scientists have been instrumental in my education and career. They are incredible role models who have supported me, inspired me, and led by example to show me what it means to excel as a scientist, mentor, and teacher.

I would also like to thank my partner, Dean Hutkin, for his constant support and for always believing in me. I want to thank Dr. Jeemin Rhim, Dr. Ellen Lalk, and Dr. Emilie Skoog for being exceptional peers, friends, and teachers whose leadership and example inspire me every day. Finally, I want to thank my family for their love and encouragement and, most importantly, my mom, Dr. Michele Moore, for being my rock, my role model, and for inspiring me to follow my dreams. I hope to follow the examples of all of my mentors and role models and inspire future generations of scientists as these outstanding scientists have done for me.