2018-2019 GSA James B. Thompson, Jr. Distinguished International Lecturers

The lecture tours are made possible through a gift to the GSA Foundation by James B. Thompson, Jr., whose bequest contributed to the endowment of two lecture tours by distinguished geologists, one a non-North American scientist to tour academic and related institutions within North America, and the other a North American scientist to tour foreign universities and geological institutions. Both tours are arranged under the guidance of GSA International.

The GSA International committee selected Manfred R. Strecker (University of Potsdam) as the incoming speaker from outside of North America who will present seminars of broad geologic interest in a tour of selected academic and related institutions within North America. Holly A. Michael (University of Delaware) is the outgoing speaker from within North America who will present exciting and cutting edge geoscience research in a tour of foreign universities and geological institutions.

Holly A. Michael

Holly A. Michael

Associate Director for Interdisciplinary Initiatives, Delaware Environmental Institute
Associate Professor, Department of Geological Sciences; and
Unidel Fraser Russell Chair for the Environment, Department of Geological Sciences, College of Earth, Ocean, and Environment University of Delaware, Newark, Delaware, USA

Holly Michael is an Associate Professor in the Departments of Geological Sciences and Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Delaware. She is also Associate Director for Interdisciplinary Initiatives for the Delaware Environmental Institute. She holds a BS in Civil Engineering from the University of Notre Dame and a PhD in Hydrology from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Her research interests include water resource management, coastal hydrogeology, groundwater-surface water interactions, and geostatistics. Some of her current projects include investigating groundwater flow into estuaries, modeling groundwater salinization due to climate change, evaluating sustainability of arsenic-safe groundwater in Bangladesh, and application of experimental economics to groundwater resources.

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Tentative Itinerary for Fall 2018 Thompson Lecture Tour
15-17 October Seoul National University
Host: Professor Guebuem Kim
Seoul, Korea
17-20 October IAHR International Groundwater Symposium and Hohai University
Hosts: Professors Chunhui Lu and Pei Xin
Nanjing, China
21-22 October Westlake University
Hosts: Professor Ling Li
Hangzhou, China
23-24 October Southern University of Science and Technology
Hosts: Professors Yan Zheng, Hailong Li, and others
Shenzhen, China
25 October Sun Yat-sen University
Host: Professor Xuan Yu
Guangzhou, China
26-27 October Hong Kong University
Host: Professor Jimmy Jiao
Hong Kong
11-13 November Deltares/University of Utrecht
Host: Dr. Gualbert Oude-Essink
Utrecht, The Netherlands
14-15 November Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources (BGR) and Leibniz University
Hosts: Dr. Vincent Post and Professor Thomas Graf
Hannover, Germany
16-17 November University of Oldenburg
Host: Professor Gudrun Massmann
Oldenburg, Germany
19-22 November Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya
Host: Professor Jesus Carrera
Barcelona, Spain
27-29 November Aarhus University
Host: Professor Carlos Duque
Aarhus, Denmark

Manfred R. Strecker

Manfred R. Strecker

Professor of Geology
Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences
University Potsdam
Potsdam, Germany

Although best known for his contributions to the tectonic geomorphology of the Central Andes, Manfred Strecker has made fundamental contributions to our understanding of tectonics, climate and landscape, in South America, the Himalayas, Tibet, Middle East, Europe and Africa. His research interests include evolution of tectonic stress fields; relationships between tectonics and climate, orographic barriers, associated erosion, sedimentation patterns and landscape evolution (Andes, Pamir, Himalaya, Anatolian Plateau); paleoseismology and active tectonics; earthquake-related natural hazards in Central Asia, Turkey and the Andes; structural history of rifts; geothermal resources in East Africa.

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Itinerary: 2019 Thompson Lecture Tour
Short-lived increase in erosion in the northern Kenya Rift during the African Humid Period
25 Jan., 3 p.m. University of Arizona
Host: A. Cohen
The Biosphere, Oracle, AZ
Tectonics and climate of the southern Central Andes
29 Jan., 4 p.m. Syracuse University
Host: G. Hoke
Syracuse, NY
Orographic barrier uplift and surface processes on the Andean Plateau and the adjacent broken foreland, NW Argentina
30 Jan., 3 p.m. University of Rochester
Host: C. Garzione
Rochester, NY
Tectonics and climate of the southern Central Andes
31 Jan., 4 p.m. University of Pittsburgh
Host: N. McQuarrie
Pittsburgh, PA
Rift-basin compartmentalization, fluvial connectivity and changing environments in East Africa
1 Feb., 4 p.m. Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History
Host: R. Potts
Washington, D.C.
Tectonics, topography, climate and surface processes in the Andes
5 Sept. University of Washington
Host: K. Huntington
Seattle, WA
Neotectonics of the Kenya Rift
6 Sept. Stanford University
Host: G. Hilley
Stanford, CA
Tectonics and climate of the southern Central Andes
9 Sept. University of Minnesota
Host: A. Wickert
Minneapolis, MN
Tectonics and climate of the southern Central Andes
9 Sept. UCLA
Host: S. Moon
Los Angeles, CA
Rift basin compartmentalization and paleoenvironments in the southern Kenya Rift
13 Sept. Arizona State University
Host: R. Arrowsmith
Tempe, AZ
Talk at the Smithsonian Institute
3 Dec. Smithsonian Institute
Host: R. Potts
Washington, D.C.