Decadal Strategic Planning at GSA

We are pleased to share with you that GSA has embarked on an 18-month strategic planning effort that will define bold and compelling strategic goals to guide the Society over the next decade. This multi-phase planning process focuses on defining the Society’s aspirations, assessing evolving member needs and opportunities, and identifying critical issues, all in the context of the key strengths that distinguish GSA as a premier global geosciences society. Importantly, this long-term strategic plan will permit GSA to impart systemic change and to develop legacy projects, thus assuring the relevancy and sustainability of the Society into the future.

The strategic planning effort, initiated in August 2017 and targeted to wrap up by the close of 2018, involves mission- and validation-planning phases and will produce a comprehensive strategic plan including proactive program, finance, and development plans that will bring our goals to fruition. Collaboration of GSA and the GSA Foundation will ensure that fundraising efforts are in full alignment with the strategic goals of the Society. And we have partnered with an external consultant to ensure maximum synergy and efficiency of our efforts.

Engaging the membership broadly is an integral component of these strategic planning activities. As we go forward we will be reaching out to many of you to participate through task force committees, surveys, and focus groups. We strongly encourage you to participate. Building a key constituent perspective is critical to producing alignment among the various domains of GSA and to ensure representation of the rich diversity of our membership. Thank you in advance for your willingness to share your time and expertise.

We welcome your thoughts and insight and will keep you abreast of the activities.  Please contact any of us with your comments.

Isabel P. Montañez
GSA President


Robbie Rice Gries
GSA President-Elect

Vicki S. McConnell
GSA Executive Director