Ethics Updates

Seeking Input on GSA's New Draft Code of Ethics [11 July 2019]

Dear Members:

We are writing to update you on GSA’s new Code of Ethics and to invite your feedback on the latest draft before it is presented to the GSA Council in September 2019. Scroll down to the “Invitation to Submit Comments” section of this message to learn how to read the draft Code of Ethics and submit comments.

Update on Code of Ethics

In May 2019, the GSA Council decided to replace GSA’s current aspirational Code of Conduct with a new enforceable Code of Ethics. The GSA Council approved an outline for the new Code of Ethics and asked an ad hoc committee to convert the outline into this draft Code of Ethics.

The new Code of Ethics aims to foster a culture of integrity and excellence through our work as a society and across the geoscience profession. The Code of Ethics is designed to guide our Members by including minimum standards of ethical professional behavior, descriptions and examples of expected and prohibited conduct, and details on the process to be used in addressing and enforcing potential violations.  

Under GSA’s Bylaws, all Members will be required to comply with the finalized Code of Ethics as a condition of joining and continuing their GSA Membership.  

We are grateful to the following Members for their service in writing this draft:

  • Wendy Bohon
  • Neil Fishman
  • Monica Gowan
  • Peter Guth
  • David Mogk
  • Barbara Nash
  • Jeff Rubin

Invitation to Submit Comments

The new Code of Ethics will play an important role in defining your ethical responsibilities as a GSA Member, so we want to give you a chance to read and submit comments on the draft before it is finalized. We will be reviewing all such comments in an effort to make appropriate revisions to the current draft. We will ask the GSA Council to approve the final version of the Code of Ethics at its next meeting in September 2019.

To submit comments:

Thank you!