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GSA Welcomes New Ethics and Compliance Officer

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Nan Stout
Nan Stout

Boulder, CO, USA: The Geological Society of America is pleased to announce the appointment of Nan Stout as GSA's first Ethics and Compliance Officer. She will work to enhance GSA’s commitment to building and sustaining a culture of ethical civil behavior in the geosciences.

GSA Council has clearly communicated its intention to be proactive in efforts to promote and endorse ethical professional behavior in all facets of the Society’s activities, including meetings, field and work environments, and in the conveyance of scientific findings through its publications and conferences. This position was approved as a next step in the process, following development of GSA’s Code of Conduct for Events, and a spring report from the GSA ad hoc Ethics Committee.

Ms. Stout has a JD from Boston College Law School and has worked extensively in the private sector developing compliance programs. She has most recently been a Clinical Professor in Business Ethics at Colorado State University and before that, a lecturer in business ethics for undergraduates at the Leeds School of Business, University of Colorado Boulder.

Ms. Stout began her tenure with GSA on 31 August 2018. “We are confident that Nan will be able to build our professional ethics program and provide excellent training for GSA members and leaders, as well as serve as our meetings ombudsman,” said GSA Executive Director Vicki McConnell. “Her work with our members, participants in GSA events, and journal authors, will be pivotal in achieving GSA’s mission and strategic goals.”

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