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Penrose Conference

Penrose Conferences


Layered Mafic Intrusions and Associated Economic Deposits
8-12 August 2016, Red Lodge, Montana, USA
Conveners: Alan E. Boudreau, Eric C. Ferré, Brian O’Driscoll, Edward M. Ripley
Apply by 31 March

GSA’s Penrose Conferences were established by the Geological Society of America as an important effort in its promotion of the earth sciences. The conference provides the exchange of current information and exciting ideas pertaining to the science of geology and related fields. They are intended to stimulate and enhance individual and collaborative research and to accelerate the advance of the science by the interactions and development of new ideas.

Ideal subjects for conferences are those earth science topics for which recent work suggests a potential for further significant advances in the near future. Each conference subject should be under current investigation and active discussion by able researchers in the field and/or in the laboratory. Topics should be broad enough so that a range of specialists can discuss them from several points of view, but no so broad that a lack of communication can develop.

It is essential that the conferences be informal and small enough that personal discussion among all participants is encouraged, and large enough to provide diversity and depth. The typical size of a GSA Penrose Conference is 65-80 participants with a minimum number of 50 participants to convene a conference.

The conferences are usually five to seven days long, and participants are expected to attend the entire conference. There are no restrictions about conference location; recent locations include Italy, China, Spain, Colombia, Canada, and the United States.

Proposing a Penrose Conference

Guidelines for submitting a proposal require at least one of the conveners be a member of the Geological Society of America. Responsibility for organizing a conference must be shared by at least two conveners. A period of no less than 15 months should be allotted between the proposal stage and the conference dates. Care should be taken to avoid scheduling conferences at the same time as other scientific meetings, especially other GSA meetings, including other Penrose Conferences and Thompson Field Forums.

Applying to attend a Penrose Conference

Penrose Conferences consist of invited and interested participants. An invitation from the conveners is not required for applying to participate in a Penrose Conference. Anyone interested in attending a conference is encouraged to contact the convener of that conference. Conveners and GSA encourage student participation and will work to provide special registration fees for students. Each conference will request specific information for the application process which usually includes a brief description of your interest and experience with regard to the conference topic. Announcements for future conferences appear in GSA Today and GSA Connection e-newsletter.

Acceptances for participation are not transferable. All participants are expected to attend the full conference and stay at the conference site. Spouses, families, and others who are not registered participants are requested not to visit the conference site and are not allowed to participate in conference activities.


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