• OTF Cohort 2016

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  • Anna Turetskaia: 2016 participant in the On To the Future program

    Anna Turetskaia: 2016 participant in the On To the Future program.


    Since 2013 nearly 500 students have participated in GSA's On To the Future (OTF) program. Make a gift today and help provide more students opportunities, information, and activities in career and leadership development to diversify the global geoscience workforce.

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  • 21August2017
    Solar Eclipse Cosmic Event EclipseMob in collaboration with GSA crowdsourced scientists and citizens for the largest-ever low-frequency radio wave propagation experiment during this 2017 solar eclipse to learn more about the Earth’s ionosphere. More
  • 12September2017
    Awards & Reception Washington, D.C. USGS Coalition Leadership Awards - RSVP by 11 Sept.
  • 16–22September2017
    Thompson Field Forum Cedar City and Bryce Canyon City, Utah, USA Catastrophic Mega-Scale Landslide Failure of Large Volcanic Fields
  • 25–29September2017
    Penrose Conference Apiro, Marche Region, Italy 250 Million Years of Earth History in Central Italy: Celebrating 25 Years of the Geological Observatory of Coldigioco