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Current issue: December 2015

Featured Articles


Imaging spectroscopy of geological samples and outcrops: Novel insights from microns to meters

Rebecca N. Greenberger, John F. Mustard, Bethany L. Ehlmann, Diana L. Blaney, Edward A. Cloutis, Janette H. Wilson, Robert O. Green, and Abigail A. Fraeman



Who will build the 21st century? Addressing critical demographic gaps in the geosciences

Bradley D. Cramer, Katherine J. Lewandowski, Arthur Goldstein, Pranoti Asher, Jeffrey Ryan, David I. Schofield, Rex Buchanan, Richard Denne, William I. Ausich, Thijs R.A. Vandenbroucke, Sherman Lundy, Tyler Priest, Ryan J. Clark



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Science editors: Steven J. Whitmeyer, James Madison University, and Gerald (Jerry) Dickens, Rice University. Managing editor: Kristen (Kea) Giles, .

Top Five Reasons to Publish Your Science with GSA Today
1. Get noticed: GSA Today's print edition has a large circulation, reaching more than 25,000 readers. All articles are open-access online, and page views for 2014 science articles total more than 47,000 so far (article html files only, does not count abstract or PDF views; Google Analytics data, Aug. 2015).
2. Get cited: Since its premier in 1991, GSA Today has generated a tremendous proportion of citations considering that only one peer-reviewed science article is published per month. The top year for citations was 1997, with more than 1,600; articles published in 2014 are slowly building up steam, with 54 citations so far (Google Scholar data, Aug. 2015).
3. Make the cover: Publication of your science article in GSA Today includes a high-impact, color front cover to draw readers to your science.
4. Make an impact: GSA Today is ranked ninth in the world among geoscience journals according to SCImago Journal Country Rank, which measures a journalís impact, influence, and prestige.
5. Hit the ground running: GSA Today currently does not have a backlog; you could see your article in print within three months of acceptance.

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