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To be the premier geological society supporting the global community in scientific discovery, communication, and application of geoscience knowledge.


To advance geoscience research and discovery, service to society, stewardship of Earth, and the geosciences profession.


GSA's Strategic Plan


Adopted by Council: 3 November 2012.

One of GSA Council’s accomplishments at GSA-Charlotte was approval of the “GSA Strategic Plan 2013–2017.”  It is my pleasure to communicate this statement of Vision, Mission, and Goals to the GSA membership, and beyond!  The effort that led to this major revision began in 2010, well in advance of our 2013 deadline.  It was a team effort engaging GSA Headquarters, GSA Executive Committee, and GSA Council. The final product benefited importantly from input from Division and Section Leadership, and from GSA Membership at large. Executive Director Jack Hess and Past Presidents Joaquin Ruiz and John Geissman join me in emphasizing that we do not want this to be ‘just another strategic plan,’ but want it to be used, always, as a living document that acts as a compass in providing direction within our broad-based mission to advance geoscience research and discovery, service to society, stewardship of Earth, and the geosciences profession.

— GSA President George H. Davis (16 Nov 2012)

     [ annotated document of accomplishments since 2008 ]

Key Components of GSA’s Global Mission
  • Scientific Research, Scientific Communication, Geologic Time, Technological Innovation
  • Education, Outreach, Public Policy, Geologic Hazards
  • Scientific Integrity, Sustainability, Natural Resources
  • Professional Development, Workforce Development, Diverse Community, Philanthropy
GOAL 1. Advance Geoscience Research and Discovery
Objective A. Lead in promoting research to understand Earth Systems past and present, and in projection of the implications of this understanding for the future.
Objective B. Support individual geoscientists in the pursuit of scientific excellence within all professional sectors.
Objective C. Support cohorts and communities of geoscientists in the pursuit of scientific excellence within all professional sectors.
Objective D. Enhance vitality of scientific communication including publications, meetings, and inter-society collaborations.
Objective E. Create strong links among diverse research and development efforts in the geosciences.
Objective F. Advocate for enhanced research funding for geosciences, particularly to increase support opportunities for geoscience students.
Objective G. Provide, support and enhance field geology training at all levels and within all sectors
Objective H. Foster the development and use of emerging technology in geosciences research and communications.
GOAL 2. Strengthen public recognition of the relevance of geoscience education and practice to societal needs and Earth stewardship
Objective A. Enhance Geoscience education and build stronger relationships with K-12 teachers.
Objective B. Continue existing support for faculty and students in geoscience departments at 4-year colleges and graduate-degree-granting universities and increase support for faculty teaching geoscience at 2-year colleges and 4-year colleges.
Objective C. Support, facilitate and promote informal geoscience education for the public at large.
Objective D. Be an authoritative resource to the media for topics and issues bearing on the geosciences and on geologic aspects of natural hazards.
Objective E. Be the leading voice for the geosciences in public policy.
Objective F. Inspire, support and enable members to be effective advocates for the science, to be active stewards of the planet, and to engage with the public and decision-makers about the importance and relevance of geoscience.
GOAL 3. Develop and foster a robust, diverse, and sustainable professional geoscience community
Objective A. Conduct all membership development efforts with a commitment to increasing the diversity of membership in the society.
Objective B. Build stronger linkages between academic, professional practice and government sectors of GSA membership, and create a fertile environment for scientific exchange.
Objective C. Increase the number of trained geoscience professionals to address workforce shortages at all career levels.
Objective D. Support lifelong professional engagement through continuing education, training, networking, mentoring and collaborative opportunities for members and others.
Objective E. Provide support for early-career professionals in all segments of membership and employment.
Objective F. Enrich the education and training of geoscience students through mentoring, supporting access to, and active involvement in, all GSA meetings, enhanced support from GSA research grants, and fostering student involvement in professional networks.
Objective G. Increase participation and collaboration within a global geoscience community through cooperative ventures with geosciences organizations outside the U.S.