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GSA Today - Vol. 4, 1994
Science Article:  Science Article - PDF
Tectonic facies in the archipelago model of intra-plate orogenesis
Kenneth J. Hsü
November Science Article:  Science Article - PDF
New gravity model for earth science studies
J.R. Heirtzler and J.J. Frawley
October Science Article:  Science Article - PDF
Gold degassing and decomposition at Galeras volcano, Colombia
Fraser Goff, James A. Stimac, Adrienne C.L. Larocque, Jeffrey B. Hulen, Gary M. McMurtry, Andrew I. Adams, Alredo Roldán-M., P.E. Trujillo Jr., Dale Counce, Steve J. Chipera, Dave Mann,
and M. Heizler
September Science Article:  Science Article - PDF
On the efficacy of humans as geomorphic agents
Roger LeB. Hooke
August Science Article:  Science Article - PDF
Fractal aspects of geomorphic and stratigraphic processes
Donald L. Turcotte
July Science Article:  Science Article - PDF
Alternative hypotheses for the mid-Cretaceous paleogeography of the western Cordillera
Darrel S. Cowan
June 1994 Annual Meeting Issue — No Science Article
Meeting held in Seattle, Washington, USA, 24–27 October: At the Leading Edge
May Science Article:  Science Article - PDF
Near–real-time seismology: Rapid analysis of earthquake faulting
Thorne Lay, Charles J. Ammon, Aaron A. Velasco, Jeroen Ritsema, Terry C. Wallace, and Howard J. Patton
April Science Article:  Science Article - PDF
Acoustic daylight imaging: Vision in the ocean
Michael J. Buckingham and John R. Potter
March Science Article:  Science Article - PDF
Metamorphic CO2 degassing and early Cenozoic paleoclimate
Derrill M. Kerrick and Ken Caldeira

1993 Presidential Address:  Presidential Address - PDF
(no title)
Robert D. Hatcher Jr.
February Science Article:  Science Article - PDF
Regular canyon spacing in the submarine environment: The link between hydrology and geomorphology
Daniel L. Orange, Robert S. Anderson, and Nancy A. Breen
January Science Article:  Science Article - PDF
A 195 Ma terrane in a 165 Ma sea: Pacific origin of the Caribbean plate
Homer Montgomery, Emile A. Pessagno Jr., and James L. Pindell