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Volume 24, Issue 10
(October 2014)

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Featured Article


New insights into debris-flow hazards from an extraordinary event in the Colorado Front Range

Jeffrey A. Coe, Jason W. Kean, Jonathan W. Godt, Rex L. Baum, Eric S. Jones, David J. Gochis, and Gregory S. Anderson


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2014 GSA Annual Meeting & Exposition


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2014 Subaru Outdoor Life Lecture

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14 - Take Control of the 2015 Meeting!
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15 - Call for Nominations: 2015 GSA Medals & Awards
      Penrose Medal
      Day Medal
      Donath Medal
      GSA Public Service Award
      The Bromery Award for Minorities
      GSA Distinguished Service Award
      Doris M. Curtis Outstanding Woman in Science Award
      Honorary Fellows
      Geologic Mapping Award
      GSA Fellowship
      John C. Frye Environmental Geology Award

22 - Call for Nominations: AGI Awards

22 - Call for Nominations: National Awards

24 - 2015 Section Meetings

26 - GSA Foundation Update

28 - Commentary

29 - In Memoriam

30 - Classified Advertising

37 - GSA Mentor Programs


In the August 2014 issue of GSA Today, science article co-author Mark R. Besonen was incorrectly listed with a middle initial of “T.” The correct middle initial is “R.” Please make a note of this for future citation; GSA Today regrets this error.



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