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Volume 20, Issue 2
(February 2010)

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Science Article:

Rock to regolith conversion: Producing hospitable substrates for terrestrial ecosystems

Robert C. Graham, Ann M. Rossi, R. Hubbert


ERRATUM: On pages 7 and 8 of this article, rates listed as mm yr−1 and mm k.y.−1 were inadvertently changed to m yr−1 and m k.y.−1. Please note that the correct measurement is millimeters, not meters. GSA Today regrets this error.

Also in this issue…

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11 - Penrose Conference Announcement: Origin and Uplift of the Sierra Nevada, California, USA

12 - Final Announcement and Call for Papers: GSA Cordilleran Section, Joint with Pacific Section, AAPG

14 - 2009-2010 GSA-USGS Congressional Science Fellow Report: Notes from the Staff Bench

15 - GSA Elections—2010 Officer and Councilor Nominees

16 - New GSA Members

21 - Report: Inaugural Young Earth-Scientists Congress, Beijing, China

22 - GSA Foundation Update

23 - In Memoriam

23 - GSA Section Meeting Mentor Program Schedule

24 - Penrose Conference Report: Low δ18O Rhyolites and Crustal Melting: Growth and Redistribution of the Continental Crust

26 - 2010 Calendar of GSA Deadlines & Events

28 - Classified Advertising

30 - Coming Soon to GSA Today

30 - Journal Highlights

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