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GSA Today - Vol. 2, 1992
Science Article:  Science Article - PDF
Morphology of the island of Hawaii
James G. Moore and Robert K. Mark
November Science Article:  Science Article - PDF
On the organization of American plates in the Neoproterozoic and the breakout of Laurentia
Ian W.D. Dalziel
October Science Article:  Science Article - PDF
Encounters with the land
Lauret E. Savoy
September Science Article:  Science Article - PDF
Aridity, continental weathering, and ground-water chemistry
David T. Long and William Berry Lyons
August 1992 Annual Meeting Issue — No science article
Meeting held in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, 26–29 October: "From Columbus to Magellan — Discovery"
July Science Article:  Science Article - PDF
Long-term controls on eustatic and epeirogenic motions by mantle convection
Michael Gurnis
June Science Article:  Science Article - PDF
Tectonics and topography of the western United States—An application of digital mapping
David W. Simpson and Mark Anders
May Science Article:  Science Article - PDF
180 million years of subduction
David C. Engebretson, Kevin P. Kelley, Harold J. Cashman, and Mark A. Richards
April Science Article:  Science Article - PDF
Cretaceous-Tertiary events and the Caribbean caper
Charles B. Officer, Charles L. Drake, James L. Pindell, and Arthur A. Meyerhoff
March No science article (Instead: A retrospective on the Geological Survey of Canada 150th Anniversary)
February Science Article:  Science Article - PDF
The Ross Orogen of the Transantarctic Mountains in light of the Laurentia-Gondwana split
Edmund Stump
January No science article (Instead: Article on the 1991 Annual Meeting in San Diego)