GSA Presidential Addresses

These papers are presented by the GSA President at each GSA Annual Meeting and later published in GSA Today.
Presidential address articles not listed here were published in GSA Bulletin and are listed on the GSA Past Presidents page.

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Title Format Presented Published
Geology in an Online World
J. Douglas Walker
PDF   2020
Feb. 2021
The Future for Geoscience in the Context of Emerging Climate Disruption
Donald I. Siegel
PDF   Video 2019
Feb. 2020
Navigating "Me, too" in the Geosciences
Robbie Gries
PDF format HTML format   2018
Feb. 2019
“Mind the Gap”: GSA’s Role in an Evolving Global Society
Isabel Patricia Montañez
PDF format HTML format   2017
March 2018
The world is changing
Jonathan G. Price
PDF format HTML format   2015
Jan. 2016
Mapping the Planets—Geology Stakes Its Claim
Harry Y. McSween Jr.
PDF format HTML format video 2014
Jan. 2015
125th anniversary of The Geological Society of America: Looking at the past and into the future of science at GSA
Suzanne Mahlburg Kay
PDF format HTML format 2013
March 2014
Where Our Deepest Passions Intersect the World’s Compelling Needs
George H. Davis
PDF format HTML format video 2012
Jan. 2013
The Importance of the Global Professoriate in the Geosciences — The Students We Are Teaching, and Learn from, Today May Represent the Last Great Hope
John Geissman
PDF format HTML format   2011
Jan. 2012
From the Core of the Earth to the Top of the Mountains: A Renaissance in Earth Sciences
Joaquin Ruiz
PDF format slides
not printed
O brave new world: Geoscientists in an emerging green economy
Jean M. Bahr
PDF format HTML format   2009
Jan. 2010
A Field Geologist Looks at a Digital World
Judith Totman Parrish
PDF format HTML format video 2008
Jan. 2009
There's Adventure in Geology
John M. Sharp Jr.
PDF format     2007
Jan. 2008
Tectonic Inheritance at a Continental Margin
William A. Thomas
PDF format   2005
Salt Lake City
Feb. 2006
Paleomagnetism, Oroclines, and Growth of the Continental Crust
Rob Van der Voo
PDF format   2004
Dec. 2004
New Technology; New Geological Challenges
B. Clark Burchfiel
PDF format   2003
Feb. 2004
From Impact to Riches: Evolution of Geological Understanding as Seen at Sudbury, Canada
Anthony J. Naldrett
PDF format   2002
Feb. 2003
Plate Boundaries to Politics: Pursuing Passions in Science
Sharon Mosher
PDF format   2001
Feb. 2002
Grand Challenges in Earth and Environmental Sciences: Science, Stewardship, and Service for the Twenty-First Century
Mary Lou Zoback
PDF format     2000
Dec. 2001
Geologists Probe Hominid Environments
Gail M. Ashley
PDF format     1999
Feb. 2000
Victor R. Baker
PDF format HTML format   1998
May 1999
GSA Bulletin
Deep Mantle Plumes and Geoscience Vision
George A. Thompson
PDF format     1997
Salt Lake City
Apr. 1998
Geology and Culture: A Call for Action
Eldridge M. Moores
PDF format     1996
Jan. 1997
If Geoscientists Went on Strike, Would Anybody Notice?
David A. Stephenson
PDF format     1995
New Orleans
Jan. 1996
The Times Are Always Changing: The Holocene Saga
William R. Dickinson
PDF format HTML format   1994
Jan. 1995
GSA Bulletin
1993 Presidential Address (no title)
Robert D. Hatcher Jr.
PDF format     1993
Mar. 1994
The Citizen-Geologist
E-an Zen
PDF format     1992
Jan. 1993
Geology as an Agent in Human Welfare
R.A.F. Penrose Jr.
PDF format HTML format   1930
Mar. 1931
Our Society
J.J. Stevenson
PDF format HTML format   1898
New York, NY
Feb. 1899
GSA Bulletin
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