Article Reprints

Author Reprints

Reprints are offered to the authors of articles in GSA journals, but are also available to others who may have notice of upcoming release of an article. Contact the managing editor for the specific journal (see editorial staff). Minimum order requirements may vary. In some cases, the complete journal issue may be available in small quantities from GSA's stock-on-hand. Prepayment is required.


If you need a limited number of photocopies of an article for a class or other use advancing education or science, you may be able to make these yourself. Read the copyright information contained in the "masthead" of each publication (the statement of ownership usually found on the table-of-contents page in journals, and on the reverse of the title page in books). If your usage falls within the permissions granted there, you need no further permission from GSA.

Limited numbers of copies may also be available from GSA. Contact GSA Sales and Service, +1-800-472-1988, There is a fee for non-GSA members who request copies of articles.

You may also access and print individual articles (from 1991 forward) from GSA Bulletin, Geology, Geosphere, and Lithosphere using the GSA Journals on DVD series (information available in the GSA Store).

If you need reprints and are not requesting multiple copies

Please see the Photocopies unit above. If you still need assistance, please contact the managing editor for the specific journal (see editorial staff).