Back for the ninth time in 2021 is the highly successful workshop for early-career geoscientists on the process of preparing and publishing papers.

When: Thurs., 30 September, 12:00–1:15 p.m. PDT
Where: Online


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Success in Publishing: Navigating the Process

• 21 Oct. 2020 • View the 2020 slides: (1) (2) • Duration: 1:16:29

Rónadh Cox Nancy Riggs

Publishing your work is important, but how do you go about it? This workshop, led by experienced GSA science editors Rónadh Cox (left) and Nancy Riggs (right), focuses on the process of preparing your research for submission to scholarly journals, and navigating the editorial process. Interactive presentations by Riggs and Cox are followed by open discussion.



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Slides from the 2019 What's Your Problem,
What's Your Point workshop.

Prepare, Write, and Revise

The aim of this workshop isn’t to address the writing process itself, but to focus on the bigger creative picture. How do you frame your paper to meet the journal’s aims and the reviewers’ expectations? Find out what makes a well-prepared manuscript—including an attention-getting cover letter, an introduction that serves its purpose, and well-thought-out figures and tables that communicate your ideas.

  • Get advice on what to include, what to leave out, and how best to structure your manuscript;
  • Learn how to avoid frustrating your paper’s reviewers; and
  • Learn how to submit your paper online and what to expect during the review and publication process.

Reviewing: Be a Part of the Scholarly Community

Peer review is integral to publishing, so both reviewing and being reviewed are essential parts of your role as a scientist. As an early-career author, what kind of criticism should you expect, and how should you respond to critical reviews? Reviewing the work of others is also a great way to discover what works in a paper and what does not, and it teaches you the things to avoid in your own writing. Hear from experts on what constitutes a good review and how you would benefit from being a reviewer.

Praise for the Workshop

"Workshop was excellent … Every student should have an introduction to publishing like this one."

"Great workshop overall. I learned a lot even if I've been publishing for several years."

"This was perfect for understanding the process of publication. I didn't really understand how/what to do before this."

"Appreciated that it was informative, funny, and approachable."

"The entire workshop was great. I wish I had this years ago. Thank you!"

"Excellent workshop which provided very relevant and useful info to me as a future first-time author. Very motivated and animated speakers."

"This is an amazing resource! I just got my B.A., but am fortunate enough to have done a lot of (amazing!) research so far and for someone like me/at my level without a clue of how publishing works, this workshop has provided so much more information than I could have ever hoped to find anywhere else. Thank you so much for this opportunity!

"This workshop was the highlight of GSA for me!"