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Lithosphere Impact Factor
2019: 2.486
5-year: 2.961

#38 in “geochemistry and geophysics” category

Author Guidelines

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Lithosphere is now a 100% open access journal.

Papers are published under the CC-BY-NC license.


Lithosphere, a peer-reviewed journal launched in 2009, provides timely publication of interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary, and cross-disciplinary research—in addition to disciplinary research—on tectonic processes that affect the crust and upper mantle, from the surface to the base of the lithosphere. The journal highlights research that addresses how the surface, crust, and mantle interact to shape the physical and chemical evolution of the lithosphere at all spatial and temporal scales.

Lithosphere welcomes contributions from a wide variety of earth science disciplines, including (but not limited to) structural geology, geodynamics, tectonic geomorphology, petrology, and geochemistry, as well as results from integrative, interdisciplinary projects (e.g., Canada’s Lithoprobe, EarthScope in the United States). The journal particularly encourages articles that address how complex systems in the solid Earth operate and how coupling between those systems occurs. Articles that contain new data of timely importance or new ideas for which the documentation may be incomplete also will be considered.

Types of Articles

  • Short research contributions present new and innovative ideas and concepts or new data sets that may suggest an important discovery and are generally limited to six printed pages in the journal. Your initial submission will be sized to insure that it can fit within our six-page limit before it enters peer review.
  • Research articles are longer, more complete presentations of data sets, experimental results, theoretical analyses, or numerical simulations. These thoroughly documented papers utilize the scientific method, have immediate, far-reaching implications, or advance the understanding of a problem or question related to the nature of the lithosphere and its composition.
  • Invited Review Articles, either scholarly or pedagogical, facilitate communication among scientists from a broad range of disciplines through discussion of recent papers of interest or important advances in a particular field or fields.
  • Invited Research Focus Articles briefly discuss articles in a recent issue in a way that enables geoscientists from a variety of backgrounds to understand and interpret work across the broad range of topics.
  • Special issues and sections devoted to a specific topic may be proposed by contacting the editors. Individual articles are published online as they become ready.

All Lithosphere papers are subject to GSA's Ethical Guidelines for Publication.

Author Guidelines

Manuscript Preparation and Submission

All of our publications are peer reviewed, with decisions made by GSA Science Editors.

Please be sure to read GSA's Ethical Guidelines for Publication.

Select the right publication for your work

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Preparing your manuscript

GSA journals encourage submissions that are innovative, provocative (or describe a significant advance in the field), timely, and of interest to a broad audience.
Key items for submission
  1. Cover letter: Must include these items
  2. Manuscript file: line numbered Word document. Manuscript Guidelines Manuscript Template GSA Reference Style
  3. Separate figure files: clearly labeled TIFF, GIF, JPG, PDF (reduced-sized PDFs preferable). Figure Guidelines
  4. Tables: Excel or Word. Table Guidelines
  5. Supplemental materials (optional). Supplemental data requirements
Submitting a new paper Click on “Submit” above for the journal of your choice. First-time users need to register for an account and click "Submit New Manuscript." Follow the steps through approving your merged PDF. Details: Submission, Review, and Decision Process
Submitting a revision Note that it is a revision in both cover letter and in the online “Comments” section (include original manuscript number if able). Use the “Submit” link above and log in using your previous username and password.
What to expect during the review process The manuscript submission and peer review process is handled electronically and all papers move through the following 5 steps:
  • If the manuscript is appropriate for the journal, the author submits a manuscript.
  • The editor assigns reviewers to the manuscript.
  • The reviewers review the manuscript.
  • The editor makes the final decision.
  • The editor contacts the author with the decision.
Log in at any time into a journal’s submission system to check the progress of your paper.
Receiving your decision Acceptance or rejection of a manuscript is based on the appraisal of the paper by two or more reviewers and an editor designated by GSA. (Note: Nearly all manuscripts are returned to the author with suggestions for revision, condensation, or final polish.)

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