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Mentoring365 is a virtual mentoring program developed among earth and space science organizations to facilitate an exchange of professional knowledge, expertise, skills, insights, and experiences through dialogue and collaborative learning. The program provides mentors and mentees with structured, relationship-building tools to develop and accomplish focused career goals.

Annual Meeting Events and Activities

Mentor Programs

The GeoCareers Center offers a space for drop-in mentoring, résumé review, small-scale networking and mentoring events, presentations from professionals, and a place to post and view jobs.

Mentors work with a student or early career professional on a one-on-one basis for 30 minutes, answering questions and providing academic and career advice.

Mentors will review résumés in an individualized format for 30 minutes, providing advice and guidance.

Mentors will address questions posed by students and early career professionals, offer advice about career plans, and comment on job opportunities within their geology employment sector in a reception format.

Career Panels

Supported by corporate sponsors, representatives from a variety of employment sectors answer questions and offer advice in preparation for a career in these fields.

This event features a panel of mentors representing colleges, universities, museums, and government agencies. They offer advice about preparing for a career in paleontology and comment on the prospects for current and future job opportunities.

Networking Events

This event features representatives from non-profit organizations that have activities of interest to early career professionals. There is time for networking and sharing ideas on how these organizations can best serve the needs of early career professionals.

Participants will hear remarks from hydrogeologists in a variety of career fields, including government, industry, and academia. A roundtable mentoring session follows, providing time for individuals to network, share ideas, and discuss careers.

This event provides students and early career scientists with an opportunity to network with more than 40 geoscience professionals from a variety of employment sectors. Mentors will answer questions, offer advice about career plans, and comment on job opportunities within their fields.

This gathering features invited women geoscientists who will discuss their career trajectories and issues they have faced throughout their career. A Q&A session follows in which attendees are encouraged to network and share ideas.

Section Meeting Programs

Mentor Programs

This event, supported by the GSA Foundation through a gift from John Mann, features an informal, lunchtime gathering that brings students interested in applied hydrogeology as a career together with practicing hydrogeologists.

This event, supported by the GSA Foundation through a gift from Roy J. Shlemon, is designed to acquaint undergraduate and graduate students with careers in applied geoscience. The mentor's goal is to provide real-world information and insight, based on his or her own career.

Career Programs

Your job-hunting process should begin with career planning, not when you apply for jobs. This workshop will help you begin this process and will introduce you to informational interviewing. This section is highly recommended for freshmen, sophomores, and juniors. The earlier you start your career planning the better.

What do geologists in various sectors earn? What do they do? What are the pros and cons of working in academia, government, and industry? Workshop presenters and professionals in the field will address these issues.

How do you prepare a cover letter? Does your résumé need a good edit? Whether you are currently in the market for a job or not, learn how to prepare the best résumé possible. You will review numerous examples to help you learn important résumé dos and don’ts.

All mentors are asked to read and agree to abide by GSA’s Events Code of Conduct and member Code of Ethics & Professional Conduct.

If you would like to volunteer for one of these programs, contact Jennifer Nocerino, +1-303-357-1036, .