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What is Geofacets?

The Geological Society of America now participates in Geofacets, a web-based research tool that offers access to an extensive database of georeferenced geological maps. With intuitive features designed for geoscientists working in upstream oil and gas exploration, it enables users to efficiently and confidently assess a region or basin's geologic characteristics and potential. Users can navigate fluidly between the downloadable maps—available as GeoTiff, KMZ, and more—and the original journal and book content.


For more information, including a list of all of GSA's publications that appear in Geofacets, please visit the Geofacets page.

GSA Millennium Edition versus Institutional Geofacets Subscription
Subscription includes maps from:
GSA Member
(Millennium Edition)
(Contact Geofacets)
GSA Bulletin
Special Papers
v. 343–present
v. 1–present
v. 193–present
v. 1–present
Field Guides
v. 2–present
v. 1–present
Reviews in Engineering Geology
v. 14–present
v. 1–present
Decade of North American Geology (DNAG)
Not included
Note: Geofacets does not include materials from GSA Today or Environmental & Engineering Geoscience.

Individual Member Access

GSA and Elsevier have collaborated to provide GSA members with a unique opportunity to gain individual access to thousands of geological maps from GSA's trusted publications through the Geofacets platform, an innovative map-based research tool designed by geoscientists for geoscientists. These maps are downloadable, georeferenced, and accompanied by metadata, article abstracts, and links to GSA's original source articles. For more information or to view an instructional webinar, visit Geofacets.

Your GSA membership provides access to 30,000+ maps that were published in GSA's books and journals from 2000 to the present.

Institutional Access

Institutional Geofacets subscribers have access to all 80,000 maps from GSA's content, including the Decade of North American Geology, GeologyGSA BulletinGeosphereLithosphere, and all four GSA book series.

For institutional demos and pricing, please visit the Geofacets page.

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