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MS Student Research Opportunity: Water circulation in coastal Mississippi and the impact on water quality and oyster health

The Mississippi Mineral Resources Institute, a research institute at the University of Mississippi, has two years of funding for a Research Assistant (RA) for a MS student in Geology or Geological Engineering for a project that will be using remote sensing and GIS, integrated with field measurements to understand the circulation patterns in the Mississippi Sound and the influence of the Bonnet Carre spillway and the impact on the oyster reefs in the western Mississippi Sound. The project, conducted in conjunction with other universities in Mississippi, is designed to improve our understanding of the water quality of the sound and the future of the oyster reefs in the region. It will require an interest in coastal issues, willingness to go out in a boat, and remote sensing and/or GIS experience. The project is part of the MBRACE, the Mississippi Center of Excellence funded through NOAA. The RA includes a full tuition waiver, health insurance, and a monthly stipend. For more information, contact: Dr. Greg Easson, Director, Mississippi Mineral Resources Institute,