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MS Student Research Opportunity: Surficial geologic mapping to investigate the contribution of clastic alluvial fans to the recharge of the Mississippi valley alluvial aquifer

The Mississippi Mineral Resources Institute, a research institute at the University of Mississippi, has a fully funded Research Assistant (RA) for one year supported by the USGS EDMAP program and a possible teaching assistantship for a second year for a MS Geology or Geological Engineering student to perform geologic mapping in Mississippi. The project will map a 7.5-minute quadrangle and will focus on characterizing alluvial fans on the valley margin and their role in recharging the alluvial aquifer in the Delta region of western Mississippi. The student will learn geologic mapping methods, learn to drill and describe cores, learn to use a ground penetrating radar system, and create a 3D database using ArcGIS and/or the Petrel software platform. This project is a collaboration with the USGS Lower Mississippi Water Science Center and the Mississippi Geological Survey and officially starts on July 1, 2020. Second year funding as a teaching assistant would include a stipend, health insurance, and full tuition waiver. For more information, contact: Dr. Ronald Counts, Associate Director, Mississippi Mineral Resources Institute,