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MS Student Research Opportunity: Geochronology of deep alluvium in selected areas in the Mississippi Alluvial Plain aquifer system using Optically-Stimulated Luminescence Dating

The Mississippi Mineral Resources Institute, a research institute at the University of Mississippi, has one year of funding for a Research Assistant (RA) with possible funding for a second year for a Geology or Geological Engineering graduate (MS) student on a project that involves optically stimulated luminescence dating of deep Mississippi River alluvium. This project will examine the Pleistocene evolution of the middle Mississippi River valley and is a collaboration with the USGS Lower Mississippi Water Science Center. The student will be involved with drilling and characterizing cores and will prepare samples for OSL dating at the USGS Luminescence Dating Lab in Denver. The project will also look at new airborne electrical resistivity data in the Mississippi River valley and possibly collect new data using other geophysical methods such as GPR and ground-based ER methods. The student will have the opportunity to use the Petrel software platform to create 3D geologic models with the geophysical data. This project tentatively starts in the spring of 2021 and includes a full tuition waiver, health insurance and a monthly stipend. Funding as a teaching assistant with a stipend, health insurance, and a full tuition waiver in the Department of Geology and Geological Engineering may be available in the second year if an RA is unavailable. For more information, contact: Dr. Ronald Counts, Associate Director, Mississippi Mineral Resources Institute,