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Ph.D. Opportunities, Geophysics, University of Miami

We have Ph.D. positions available within the Seismology, Geodesy, and Geodynamics group at the Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences (University of Miami) to begin Fall 2020. Prospective students are advised to make contact with a potential advisor, as listed below, before submitting an official application (deadline: January 1st).

Geodynamics: Projects utilize numerical modeling - in conjunction with geological observations - to investigate the dynamics of deformation at plate boundaries and within the underlying convecting mantle. Contact Dr. Adam Holt ( for more info.

Seismology: Research topics include, but are not limited to, seismic structural and source studies in volcanoes to gain insights into the interactions of seismic and magmatic processes. Contact Dr. Guoqing Lin ( for more details.

Geodesy: Research topics include observations of the seismic cycle and volcano geodesy, with particular focus on tectonic-magmatic interactions and hydrogeology by combining InSAR observations with GRACE. Contact Dr. Falk Amelung ( for more info.

Information on the official application procedure: