Thompson Field Forum 2019 Participants

Age and Carving of Grand Canyon: Towards a Resolution of 150 Years of Debate

14-21 September 2019, Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA

A group of about 30 people smile on the sandy banks of a river.
Group picture at the Little Colorado River. Photo by Laurie Crossey. Front row, from left: Marisa Repasch; M. Qasim Mahmood; Taylor Schildgen; Andy Darling; Arjun Heimsath; Karl Karlstrom; Laurie Crossey; Peter Reiners; Juliet McKenna. Standing, from left: Thorsten Becker; Kristen Cook; Kelin Whipple; Jeanne Calhoun; Whitney Behr; Eric Kirby; Andres Aslan; David Rowley; Gene Humphreys; Alan Levander; Peter van der Beek; Madison Douglas; David Shuster; Ryan Crow; Leah Sabbeth; Anka Friedrich; Brian Wernicke; Becky Dorsey; and Claudio Faccenna.

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