Teaching Evolution Using State Standards


Please contact the indicated representative for more information. If you or your organization is interested in scheduling a business meeting, please contact Andy Bobyarchick. Please check at the GSA registration desk for room confirmation.


We welcome and appreciate individual or corporate sponsors to help defray the costs of this meeting. In particular, we seek support for the welcoming party on Wednesday, 9 April, 6-9 p.m., and for refreshments during morning and afternoon coffee breaks. GSA wishes to encourage meeting participation of in-service schoolteachers and students by reducing registration fees for those individuals; we will accept general donations that can be applied toward fee reductions for these teachers and students. Major corporate donors may request public acknowledgement of meeting support. For more information, please contact Andy Bobyarchick.


Exhibitor Registration Deadline: 15 February 2008

This meeting will involve participants from a large cross section of professional, academic, and government agencies throughout the greater southeastern United States. The Southeastern Section of GSA is also typically attended by a large number of students. Exhibit areas at the 2008 meeting are spacious and feature easy access from technical session rooms and from covered patios at the Hilton Charlotte University Place. Representatives of large and small corporations, government agencies, and graduate schools are invited to reserve exhibit space. A 6-ft draped table and two chairs will be provided for each exhibitor. Electrical service, phone lines, and/or Internet access involve additional fees that must be negotiated after initial registration. The corporate fee for a single exhibition space is US$275; the fee for academic and nonprofit organizations and associations is US$100. For additional information, contact John Bender, .


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