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Cordilleran Section

Want to host a Section Meeting?

Here is a great chance for you to showcase your department! You can publicize your new graduate program, show off the geology of your area, and do your part to support the section, all at once! Remember all those meetings you've gone to? Ever wonder why the coffee always runs out? You like the student-friendly atmosphere where your students made their first forays giving talks. Where you did too, for that matter. Isn't it your turn?

A minimum of two years is generally needed to plan a meeting. The Section Meetings are held throughout the section, so that many of the Section's geologic attractions can be showcased to its members, and so the travel burden for such a large and international region can be distributed across its membership.

Generally, an academic department takes on the primary responsibility for planning the meeting, although other professional groups, such as state surveys or regional geologic societies may also volunteer to form the local organizing committee. We also welcome the trend of holding joint meetings with other associations, such as AAPG, NAGT, SEG, etc.

If your group is interested in hosting a Cordilleran Section meeting, please contact one of the Section officers for more information. GSA headquarters also offers planning assistance and other support to local committees.

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