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Deadlines are now firm with GSA Headquarters. Note that in several cases Committee members need to get copy to Chuck and Noel BEFORE we owe it to GSA so that we have time to do a final edit. DO NOT ASSUME that your deadline is the date we have to get material to GSA.

(The following timeline is based on a meeting being held in March.)

A bit of a heads up for various local committee members. Look at your responsibilities indicated by letters below dates as follows:

  P = Technical Program
 F = Field Trips
 K = K=12 Teacher Programs
 E = Exhibits
 S = Student Volunteers
 AV = Audio Visual


Mar 12-13 SE GSA, Tampa, FL
Covered by Chuck and Steve W.
Mar 22-24 NE GSA, Portland, ME
Covered by Noel

Apr 10
P, F
e-mail blast to NE and SE Section about: 1) Where, when meeting will occur, and contact info for Baltimore meeting, and 2) inviting suggested Symposia and Theme Sessions by Apr 28.
Apr 16
P, F, K
Local Committee Meets in Reston-Primarily discuss possible Theme sessions and Field Trips in light of NE and SE meeting and e-mail blast for ideas.
Apr 20 Nancy Wright, Chuck, and Noel agreed on schedule for: a) submission of copy for Preliminary and Final Announcements, b) abstract deadline, c) submission of Final Program copy, etc. These dates (in BOLD below) are now firm and cannot be changed.
Apr 28
P, F
Suggestions for Symposia and Theme Sessions due to Program co-chairs
early to mid-May
P, F
Decide on Theme Session and Symposia Topics and line up
Convener/ Advocates. NOTE: Need to do this before most academics have headed to the field or elsewhere and are hard to get hold of.
June 15
Exhibit Fees decided, Exhibit Info out to potential Exhibitors. We don't need everything now, but keep these guys on the hook-especially those who might come back from last year-most of ours did.
Get GSA to research tax exemption for GSA in MD.
June 22
P, F, K, E
All information for First Announcement to Noel and/or Chuck. Need Symposia, Theme Sessions, Field Trips, K-12 activities. Several committee chairs will need to be reminded of the copy that they should have ready. One or two people (Noel and Chuck) need to read carefully and be responsible for getting it all together.
June 29 Text for First Announcement due to GSA. (Appears in October GSA Today, and also goes live on the GSA web site then. Note that this copy is all that most people will see before abstracts are due, so most theme sessions should be in this copy.)
Get tentative meeting schedule, room use to hotel.
Early Aug By now we should have contacted representatives of various groups that traditionally meet with and have events at NE and/or SE GSA. Among these are:
  • Eastern Section, Society for Sedimentary Geology (SEPM)
  • NE and SE Sections, Paleontological Society
  • Association for Women Geoscientists
  • National Assoc. of Geoscience Teachers (New England, Eastern, Southeastern Sections)
  • Any others?
Need to know about all arrangements for AV-computers, projectors, screens, mics, pointers, timers-need costs for budget-this is a large item that will affect fees we charge for meeting.
mid-Aug Have printing arranged for poster (~11x17) that will be sent to Allen Press to insert in October GSA Today for mailing to NE and SE Sections.
mid-Aug Have menus chosen and prices from hotel for luncheons, banquet, breakfast, Shlemon, Mann, and box lunches for field trips. Need these to do budget, set fees for Final Announcement. Banquet speaker arranged.
Late Aug Local Committee meets. Discussion of fees (we will have prepared models, settled near final fees). Discuss field trip fees and logistics. Review other matters. This could be our last Local Committee meeting all together
Late Aug
P, F, E, K
By now should have fees set for Registration, Ticketed Meals, Field Trips, Workshops, Box Lunches. Take care of "free" Regis. for student help and any others. Set budget and get it to Section Secretaries for Management Board review
Sep 3
AV chair should have all info needed regarding computer format for Power Point presentations, and how speakers can submit their Power Point files. Need this for Final Announcement and especially web version.
Early Sept Posters (~11x17) need to be folded and delivered to Allen Press for insertion in October GSA Today going to NE and SE members.
Sep 22
P, F, K, E
All information for FINAL Announcement to Noel and/or Chuck. This includes Theme Sessions, Symposia, Field Trips, Special Events, K-12 Activities, Registration Fees, etc
Sep 29 FINAL Announcement copy for GSA Today and web site due to GSA
~Oct 5 First announcement published in GSA Today and on Web. Abstract form goes "live."
Oct 5
Manuscripts for Field Trip Guidebook due to GSA HQ. Field trip co-chairs have other deadlines not included here to furnish to authors.
Oct 18-21
P, others
GSA National Meeting, Portland, OR. Be prepared to advertise our meeting at National. Are we taking some posters? How many? Also a good place to meet with your conveners and pump them up. Good time to stir people you know to urge them to submit abstracts. Might find some exhibitors there too.
Oct 26 Student Mentor (Shlemon, Mann) Program details finalized with GSA rep.
Early Nov
Field Trip people will need to have all logistics worked out (departure and return times, meals, overnight if appropriate) for GSA Staff to have ready to send to registrants for trips. See form required by GSA for all trips.
Early Nov Nancy sends session chairs access to abstracts submitted to their session so that if there are laggards chairs can "beat the bushes."
Late Nov
Nancy Wright will introduce Program Chairs, and General Chairs if they wish, to Confex-the computer program that handles, sorts, and arranges abstracts and sessions. This can be done with a ~30-45 minute conference phone call while participants sit at their own computers. We get passwords for access to the program. Once this is set up, we will be able to monitor receipt of abstracts.
Late Nov Nancy Wright sends an e-mail blast to NE and SE Sections reminding of Abstracts Deadline coming up.<
Dec 8 FINAL Announcement published in GSA Today. Preregistration form goes "live" on web. Hotel room reservations go live about now too.
Dec 8
Abstract Deadline. Don't expect most abstracts to arrive until the last minute-the evening of the deadline 50-100 could arrive.
Technical Program folks need to immediately start review and organizing sessions. Note that this occurs over Holidays. Need to plan when you will work together on this. Program Chairs need to have contact info handy for conveners/advocates. Much of the "Program" copy (other than Technical Sessions) can be prepared ahead of time by Chuck and Noel, so that "crunch time" can be devoted to getting the sessions in order and carefully checked.
Dec 10 Review budget and adjust if necessary in light of abstracts received. By this time we can "guess" roughly how many may come to the meeting by using past meeting ratios of Attendees to Abstracts received-this is usually in the range of 2.0-2.5.


Student Help person(s) should have their act together and be ready to e-mail colleagues at undergraduate institutions about how you will handle student help for meeting. Time this to when students are about to start Spring semester-a good time for faculty to pump up their students about meeting anyway. We usually offer free registration to those who help for a given number of hours. Students needed to help with Registration, Speaker Ready Room, in session rooms, and to change signs outside rooms. We will furnish number of student help needed.
Early Jan Decide what oral sessions will be in what rooms. Need this for Program copy. Need to be careful which sessions go in larger or smaller rooms.
Start to monitor hotel room pickup
Jan 12
Technical Program-this is all the material that goes in the Program handed out at the meeting--finalized and sent to Nancy Wright at GSA.
All technical sessions in order, conveners arranged, times, rooms, etc. Need to try to avoid conflicts in sessions-related topics. Nancy will prepare text for Abstract Book (Abstracts with Programs).
Prepare list of signs needed. Get ready to print. GSA will prepare "superstats"-the signs listing all papers in a session to post outside rooms. We can print other signs on 11 x 17 paper at one of our colleges and save $ on them.
Jan 15
Meet w/ Hotel folks by this date to finalize program, room use and setups, AV, menus, etc. Within a couple of weeks we will be reviewing and signing BEO's (Banquet Event Orders) for every room setup, event, AV requirement, and menu with approximate numbers for these. Order AV stuff, tripods, final layouts for rooms, AV, Registration, Exhibit pipe and drape, Poster boards for posters. For food, final numbers are due about a week before meeting, but we need to give approx numbers now. This is also when we should make hotel arrangement for special guests and GSA staff and officers (VIP's) coming to meeting. Should also make sure that all of our billing and payment arrangements are square with the Hotel folks.
Acceptance notices e-mailed to authors by Nancy Wright. Include in this message how authors should deliver their PowerPoint presentations (e.g., on CD or memory stick to Speaker Ready Room). Also include instructions about Posters (size, push pins and/or Velcro). Technical Program schedule is posted on the meeting web site.
Jan 20 Nancy Wright furnishes "galleys" of the Program (sent to us via e-mail as a pdf). We have 2-3 days to go over it. Most is in good shape (we furnished the copy), but we need to check carefully.
Jan 22
Final corrections for Field Trip Guidebook due to GSA HQ.
Jan 25 Abstract and Program book go to printer. Technical program signage printed--so-called superstats that go outside each room. We will also have to furnish number of Programs (the ones given to every registrant at meeting) we want. Fair warning-this may be 10 days before the Pre-Registration deadline, and most people register at the last minute. We will have to guess how many.
Confirm all food/beverage selections.
Confirm sponsored events (SEPM, AWG, NAGT, Paleo Soc, etc).
~Feb 25 E-mail blast to NE/SE section reminding of Pre-Registration deadline-sent out by GSA staff. Also remind everyone of hotel room block deadline.
~Early Jan
Send final program copy to exhibitors and request they register on line for meeting.
Arrange VIP travel and housing.
Feb 8 Pre-Registration Deadline
Feb 8
Decisions will need to be made about whether Field Trips and Short Course/Workshops will "go" or not, based on preregistration numbers. For cancelled events, those who signed up need to be notified (GSA takes care of this). Need to arrange for refunds through GSA Registration folks. For field trips that are going to run, confirm, modify or cancel transportation requirements.
Feb 8
Need to know who Student Help will be and tell William Cox who these people are for "free" registrations. Have Student Help work schedule set up.
Feb 8 Get number of people for meals, food from Pre-registration to Hotel folks to help them refine needs. Furnish exhibit requirements and layout to Hotel.
~Feb 8
Deadline for Exhibitors to get contracts and payment in to GSA-Payment can be made by credit card to GSA HQ. Also need any special requirements-electricity, high speed internet, extra tables-beyond basic booth. Note: some of these will involve extra fees. Get these needs to hotel.
mid Feb
Signs made and superstats and signs mounted. Use Fom-cor backing and binder clips.
Check computer/AV setups.
Check plans for Exhibit and Poster and Registration setup with Hotel.
~Feb 10 Abstract book gets mailed. Programs that we ordered are sent to us for meeting. Need to designate to Nancy Wright where to send.
Feb 15 e-mail blast to authors reminding of 1) Power Point download procedures, Speaker Ready Room, type of projector (for oral), and 2) poster setup (for posters).
Late Feb
Meet with Hotel staff for run-through of all events, setups, etc. This will include Hotel people that do food, setups, AV, etc.
Feb 26 GSA packs and sends all conference materials. Need to have place for them to be sent, and person who will get them to hotel.
Mar 1
Field Trip Guidebook offprints shipped to trip leaders.
Mar 5 Finalize food and beverage with hotel
Review all VIP arrangements
Verify VIP arrivals, airport pickups
Receive and inventory all shipments, equipment, suppliers
Arrange daily invoice review with hotel, and who signs for these
Check pickup of all rental equipment and supplies
Mar 13 Set up conference office.
Set up Speaker Ready Room.
Conduct personnel instructions for registration volunteers
Oversee setup of exhibit area (be ready to answer questions for exhibitors), poster boards (need numbers on boards).
Mar 13-16 NESE GSA Baltimore Meeting
Mar 14 NOTE: Daylight Saving Time begins-Saturday evening, Sunday AM. Remind all registrants.
~Apr 1 File final reports.