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Below is a listing of GSA Staffers who are more than happy to help you with any questions you may have. Please feel free to contact anyone on this list.

TECHNICAL PROGRAM MANAGER Nancy Wright, (303) 357-1061,
Oversees technical program production for all GSA meetings. Coordinates abstract flow, and speaker schedules for production of the Abstracts with Programs. Receives names of JTPC representatives from divisions and societies. Communicates with symposia conveners and theme advocates about abstract procedures.
SENIOR MEETINGS COORDINATOR William Cox, (303) 357-1013,
Main contact for future section chairs. Coordinates contract negotiation for meeting facilities, hotel sleeping rooms, audio visual, and on site catering for sections. Coordinates sponsorship program for GSA Annual Meeting.
MEETINGS COORDINATOR Beth Engle, (303) 357-1006,
Is responsible for assisting with all GSA meetings functions, which includes meetings registration, and most other section meeting tasks. In addition to this, she also coordinates the annual meeting Field Trips and the Exhibitor Registration program.
ABSTRACTS COORDINATOR Heather Clark, (303) 357-1018,
Works directly with Section Technical Program Chairs on the abstracts and technical program for GSA Section Meetings. Is also responsible for organizing the Annual Meeting Student Volunteers program.
SENIOR DIRECTOR OF MEETINGS Melissa Cummiskey, (303) 357-1065,
Is the overseerer for the entire GSA Meetings Department, and focuses highly on the annual meetings.
DIRECTOR OF COMMUNICATIONS Christa Stratton, (303) 357-1093,
Works on Media Relations for all meetings. This includes abstracts which are noted as newsworthy by reviewers.