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GSA Online Section Manual




Section Seminar training is held annually at GSA HQ in Boulder during Springtime. This seminar is for future section meeting chairs to help them understand how to plan a section meeting, as well as to introduce them to GSA Staff and the services that GSA offers. GSA pays for one representative per section per meeting year to come to Boulder for this one-day seminar.

These seminars are open and available to every committee member for each current and future section meeting. However, GSA will pay for only one person per section per meeting year. For example, if the North-Central section wants to send the local committee chair for the 2012 section meeting to the section seminar in 2010, they can and GSA will pay travel expenses, hotel, and lunch on the day of the seminar.

In 2011, if the North-Central section wants to send a different 2012 committee chair to the seminar, they can. GSA will pay for this persons lunch on Monday, but will not cover any travel or hotel expenses.

Please contact Nancy Wright at nwright@geosociety.org if you have questions.