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Committee Positions


General Chair Job Description:
The success of a section meeting is considerably determined by the Local Committee Chair. The influence in selecting chairs, and then leading and directing them, is the mark of both professional and personal strengths.
The primary task is to assemble the Section Meeting Organizing Committee and to preside over all activities. Other requirements include keeping the committee working towards their goals and deadlines, and assuring that the local flavor of the area is represented in the meeting.
In addition, the Local Committee Chair inherits other tasks which, of course, may be delegated depending on the Chair's preferences and resources.
The General Chair Represents GSA. Responsible for overall operation of meeting including financial aspects.

Among these tasks are:

Field Trip Chair:

Job Description: This person oversees all aspects of field trips, from proposals to final invoices. They are the middleman between Field Trip Leaders and GSA. They arrange logistics, if needed, such as transportation, meals, hotel reservations.  Is the liaison between GSA and field trip leaders if GSA is producing the guidebook. They work with GSA immediately following the registration deadline and determine if enough people have signed up for field trips. They they then make the hard decision of which trips are a go, and which trips are canceled. Day of trip, check-in participants, get waivers signed, and make sure all attendees have a name badge. After meeting, they make sure all invoices are accounted for.

Technical Program Chair

Job Description: This person oversees all aspects of the technical program. They will hep to promote the technical program by encouraging abstracts submissions, which can make or break a meeting. This person heavily works on the technical program a week prior and [up to] three weeks after abstracts deadline. Is responsible for scheduling the entire technical program. And also responsible for working with the session chairs to be sure the session chairs are organizing the abstracts within those sessions. GSA works closely with the Technical Program Chair throughout this process.

Exhibits Chair:

Job Description: Job description differs based on whether the section is using Delaney or not.
IF NOT USING DELANEY: This person is responsible for coordinating the space for Exhibits. This includes obtaining a show decorator and working with the decorator to decide how big the booth spaces are, and how many to have. Need to order skirted tables, chairs, wastebaskets, pipe and drape, ID signs, and sometimes electricity and/or wireless. Need to work with facilities and decorators on timing for exhibitors setup/tear down. Also need to contact potential Exhibitors to exhibit during the meeting, in addition to making sure payment is collected. Need to work with decorator to prepare exhibitor service kit. Need to prepare an exhibitor contract. Need to prepare a badge request form and coordinate with Lindsey/William for badges.
IF USING DELANEY: This person is the middleman between facilities and Delaney. This person will work with Delaney and come up with the amount of space available, size of booths, and how many exhibitors can fit. This person can work with Delaney on potential local exhibitors, and Delaney will work on finding other exhibitors, as well. Delaney will take care of collecting payment from all exhibitors. Delaney will work with facilities and decorators to coordinate all the tasks mentioned above with Exhibits Chair approval of such items or input on such items.

Student Volunteer Chair:

Job Description: Works with committee and GSA to find out what student volunteer positions are needed during the meeting, and how many hours are going to be requested from them. This person will be the contact for all students both before and during the meeting. A special code is needed to be passed along to student volunteers in order to register for the meeting. Onsite, this person oversees all student volunteer jobs making sure all are covered.

Sponsorship Chair:

Budget/Finance Chair:

Others as needed:


Be creative. If there’s job to do, use a volunteer.
Committees can be the “make it/or break it” piece of your meeting.